Best and Alternative Way to earn : BLOGGING

Here are Tips to do Blogging the right way

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Earn money from Blogging

People always looking for the best and alternative way to earn money 

But how can we say that we do blogging the right way and how effective our writing techniques to gain more viewers and how much we can earn by just doing a blog?

This are some questions we need to answer first before you decided to make a blog and make it your professional career for your future.

Many of bloggers willing to write, Some of them write just for fun, hobbies or has an intention to earn but no matter how they write a good content their blog don't appear to search engine because they didn't know how to do it the right way.

A blog must have a Catchy Title

Peoples loves to read a blog especially when it has a very interesting title they keep reading those article and know if the statement or article is true especially if the blog is very knowledgeable to read.

For example:
Learn More: How 10 Year old blogger earns $1.2 Million with Blog in ONE MONTH

A very intriguing title catch the attention of readers knowing its secret and readers deeper read to your article.

A blog must Have unique Photos

They said that the photos means a thousand words.

If the image supports your blog and the content of it, your blog can be more appealing and stand all other blog whether you like it or not it will appear to the search result in search engine.

A blog must have keywords

In order for a blog to earn it should have more visitors or readers, chance to click the ads and proper placing of ads. Keywords are main key to gain more potential visitors that click ads.

For example:
In Search engine a persons search for

Make Money Online
Make money in blogging
Easier way to make money
How to make money in Shoppee
Make money by selling Digital File Download
How to make money using Smartphone
Make money using phone App

Your blog must have Keywords like Make Money use those words 30 - 50 times in your article wisely and very meaningful way to gain more visitors or readers.

How much can you earn in Blogging

Generating income from blog depends on the topic of your blog.

If your topic was unique and very knowledgeable for searcher many advertisers and sponsors will have interest to your blog

For example:

A blog about Best Food Recipe and a blog about Racing Cars

A blog about Food Recipe is very common blog that you can search online there are lots of competition for other bloggers and there are minimal companies who wants to sponsor a blog regarding to food industry while if you write about Racing Cars there are tons of professional companies willing to pay higher price, sponsors you and in return you must endorse their product.

The other way to determine how much can you earn in blogging just by writing Highest paying keyword.

Before you start blogging you can search google for a chart of highest paying keyword, Some of the highest paying keywords are from loan, insurance, cars and law firm.

Also Google Adsence is another possible ways to earn in blog.

Depending to on the content of blog, amount of click per ads, the total number of visitors who visited your blog and proper placement of ads determines your blog income.

You must give attention to this factors because those can give big impact that affecting your google Adsence income.

Best Platform to start a Blog

Read review and Article just make sure that your platform to create a blog is suitable for you and easy to navigate and understand command / tools so you can write better good quality of content.

You can used any of this two of the most popular blog platform

2. - A Classic and easy to used blogger platform, suitable for everyone and easy to understand commands and tools. Free to used or you can purchased own domain name. - A professional blogger platform, More on Customized blogger layout templates and coding. Very popular for web developer. Free to used or you can purchased own domain name.

Now you have lots of ideas on how to start a blog and make money on to it.

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