Sample Layout Design Pink and Gray Theme

How to make Invitation for Christening Designs

Sample Invitation for Christening
Sample Layout Invitation Design Pink and Gray Theme

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Today i have special layout for invitation here i combine Pink and gray color combination in this christening invitation template.

It is special kind of invitation because when you print this layout it looks like black and white or off colour in looks but it's not the contrast of the big picture gives in your eyes and tells you that it but was black and white but it's totally not.
You can also made or make one of this kind layout for invitation by pressing control shift and letter u ( Ctrl+Shift+U ) for shortcut key's for Black and white color.

Get Unique Fonts
✅ One main key to have a great christening template for your invitation is to have a creative font style.

Many people used a default font style that installed in their computer but actually you can easily get different and amazing font style for free that you can used in your working christening invitation.

Actually! not all fonts are totally free some font style in different websites are to expensive because those fonts are used by some official companies for example in varsity team you would like to have a Toronto Raptors replica of its original NBA Jersey you should need to have to purchased those downloadable fonts in order for you to replicate those uniforms.

Replicated any items such as products, merchandise is illegal other called it piracy and there is a law regarding that.

Another example is to change those team names instead of using Toronto Raptors they used Toronto Tractors when they are in company of tracking, you know what i mean to say is if the manager or the financier wants those replica jersey then you must get the font style that the official game used.

What i mean to say is you cannot Download other fonts, creating your personalized christening invitation templates is different from creating a template that used in sports.
✅ In making your personalized invitation design you must stay focus on what you are doing, focus on the themes that you select and applied a related design that suits to your choosen themes.

You MUST also considered the color that the themes must have for example if you gonna make an invitation with Minnie Mouse design then you should focus with Minnie Mouse, Focus the color that Minnie mouse wears and varies those colors and applied it to your invitation.
Be sure its 300 Resolution
✅ A proper resolution can give you an awesome output, many artist now a days create a design that was not applicable to the resolution that the templates need and gain a blurriness to working template and be sure that you are on RGB mode.

If your planning to build a tarpaulin design make it 72 to 100 resolution and a CMYK color mode.

Sublimated and Pigment Ink should be on 300 while Solvent are on CMYK im preparing to a large format printer.

Show your Creativity
✅ Like i said earlier stay focus to your desire design and themes that you selected in making your personalized invitation and applied your desire font style on to it and the the last step is to show your creativity skills by combining those lesson that stated above.

You can create an amazing and awesome invitation design that fits to your needs.

Only one thing is for sure every design has a different stories to tell that only an artist can tell.

I hope you learn and get more ideas for our sample christening invitation design.

Please follow us!!!

and stay tuned for more of our sample newly layout design that randomly released. 

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