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The Best and Fastest Way to Generate Money from Blogging

Welcome once again to this blog where the collection of new and fresh ideas are here share to you for you to have a chance to earn money that fits to your style and fashion.

In our today's topic here I would like you to share one of the best way to earn money from Blogging.

This is one method i used for several year from now and i want to share you some tricks that i make to generate money online from blogging.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an independent publication where a writer has the freedom to write his opinion, thoughts, ideas on a topic of his choice to be discussed.

This is done by the modern method of writing using the internet and computer where in just a few minutes his article can be published all over the world.

People do blogging called "Blogger"

There are different topics you can do when you blog you can make your own idea from your chosen topic but readers prefer blogs that have knowledge gained from your article.

They repeat it over and over and take the time to read because each reader spends a lot of time in what they read.

There are many great topics you can start from your blogging and your blog should only focus on your chosen website topic to increase your ranking through SEO.

How To Make Money With Blogging?

1.) You build a website from a free site like you can choose any of the promised sites to make a free website If you have chosen a topic for your website you can start writing articles.

2.) Make articles unique to everyone it should be 100% unique and original content that you don’t just copy others.

When you create a unique content your blog can become popular immediately because different search engines give more priority to an original website.

3.) Create original content articles it should be up to 1000 words or more per post to be your ranking in search engines

4.) Using keywords is also a big help so that you can quickly develop sentences and paragraphs in your article.

Also because you use keywords here depends on the size of the payment you will receive for your blogging.

For example: Websites and blogs make more money if their blog post is about Attorney, Legal Advice, Loan, Cars, Electricity, Finance but blogs about Medical, Education, Downloads, and Digital Products are less we.

This is due to the size of the sponsor's payment for said topic.

For example: There are two Websites one is about Plants and one is about auto supply If I could run a car tire company I would invest more in blogs which are about cars so that in case someone clicks on the ads they have the potential to become a car tire buyer.

And what does it have to do with me investing in websites about Plants maybe if his topic is about machines and vehicles used on the farm I can invest on that website.

Using keywords in your blog article is one of the most important things you should learn and understand in blogging, It is a Key to having a big income.

How to Use the Right Keyword in your Blog?

If your topic on your blog is car door you can make an article about Automatic Car Door, expensive car door, cheapest car door, car door repair, car door paint job or luxurious car door design.

Create an article about it and at least 40 times to 60 times, make it bold or italics to have highlights of your keyword.

For example: If you choose car door Repair you can make sentences and phrases about car door repair, tips and tricks, DIY car door repair or easiest way to repair your car door, you can also write an article about car door repair near me or car door repair hotline home service company.

The keywords you use in your blog should be close in meaning to each other or have a connection to each other so that your blog can quickly page rank and be seen by everyone on the top page of the Google search engine.

5.) When creating a blog article you should always remember what punctuation marks you should use and when you should use the period (.)

So that your content will spread and come to life.

Usually when you use a punctuation mark such as period (.) Your paragraph should go to the bottom or you will create the next paragraph.

No readers will dare to read an article if only the sentences are straightforward.

6.) The use of Headings in the title, sub headings, minor headings is also a big help in the development of a blog.

You must learn to use the correct heading in your article and your blog title must be catchy or new to hear so that many readers can attract to read your article.

For example: DIY Automatic Car Door fixed The Secret way to repair your car door 10 minutes car door repair tutorial Affordable solution to fixed your car door Using a catchy title on your blog contributes a lot because it makes the readers of your blog read it over and over again and they gain interest to visit your article again.

7.) Using back links in your article if you notice that the back link contributes a lot to quickly rank your blog because the back link confines your readers to one of your articles that they do not realize you will see that user a back link to an author of a web blog if you can read the blue words in their article.

The great purpose of having back links to one of your articles is to direct your readers to the information they want to know or if they don’t like what they are reading they can choose the articles they want to read from your previous posts.

Example of this is the link below,

How to earn money from Phone Apps

You will easily notice back links because it's always mark with blue colors text but some the bloggers camouflage back links with the same color fonts that used in their every article.

Keep in mind that back links are the links that directs your visitors to a certain page that you created or other related topic or non related site.

It maybe in color blue text font color or it maybe any color that the blogger wants to used.

Now that you have established your website and you have a tons of unique articles or blog it's time for you to earn money from your blog's and articles.

At this point there are lots of possible ways on how you can Earn money from Blogging

Earning money from phone apps can be a great way to generate income if done strategically. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Identify a profitable app niche: Research popular app categories and identify a niche that has high demand but less competition. Look for areas where you can provide a unique and valuable solution to users.
  2. Develop a high-quality app: Create an app that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and offers a seamless experience. Focus on solving a problem or providing a service that users will find valuable and be willing to pay for.
  3. Monetize your app: There are several ways to monetize your app, including:
    • In-app purchases: Offer additional features, content, or virtual items that users can purchase within the app.
    • Freemium model: Offer a basic version of your app for free, but provide premium or advanced features at a cost.
    • Subscription model: Offer a subscription-based service within your app, where users pay a recurring fee to access exclusive content or features.
    • Ads: Display relevant advertisements within your app and earn revenue based on clicks or impressions.
  4. Promote your app: Utilize various marketing channels to promote your app and attract users. Consider leveraging social media, app store optimization techniques, influencer partnerships, and content marketing to increase the visibility and downloads of your app.
  5. Engage with your users: Continuously gather feedback from your users and work on improving your app based on their needs and preferences. Engage with your user community through support, notifications, and updates to keep them coming back and recommending your app to others.
  6. Track and analyze: Continuously monitor and analyze user behavior, engagement, and revenue using app analytics tools. This will help you understand your user base better and make data-driven decisions to optimize and improve your app's monetization strategy
Remember, the app market is highly competitive, so it's important to create a unique and valuable app that stands out from the crowd. With a strategic approach to monetization, effective promotion, and continuous improvement based on user feedback, you can increase your chances of earning money from phone apps.

Add your website with Google Adsense

One is to add Google Adsense to your blog, Google Adsense is a legit way to earns tons of cash using your blog Google Adsense automatically puts ads in a certain area that you like and if someone click the ads it will count and adds profit to your Google threshold balance.

If you reach a certain threshold amount requirements of $100 USD youll get paid in the next 21 to 26 day of the following month.

The amount you get paid in every month depends on your article content that you have write, I told you earlier that if you write a unique content and top paid topic you'll get paid higher for every clicks that the visitor made mostly it cost for around $100 or much more per day or $0.01 per day depending on the clicks and topics and amount of viewers.

In my first time to earn profit from Google Adsense using blogging for the last 4 years here I earn $0.01 USD per day to $8.23 USD per day that's the highest paid I'd received for my Collection of Layouts and Design blog.


But now I've learn so many things in blogging and I've change my mind and setup a new website and blog post and apply a new sites for Google Adsense but for this time my topic was all about Profit, Money and Earnings

But in this time I'll combine all the ideas and suggestions that puts up my mind to earn more profits from Blogging and I want to share to you all of this idea in my next post hopefully this will also help you too.

Look for Sponsored

Another way to earn money from Blogging is to look for a great sponsors it was a fixed ads that you must include in your every article post and you must provide a size and placement of their banner ads to your webpage.

In this way you can earn from paid ads that sponsor you.

Selling your blog article

Well of you don't know to build and create a website and if you love to write article, many people will paid and buy your unique blog article and they have now the rights to own the article.

Sell products on your Blog

We all know that you love to write an article.

What if you write an article regarding about the usage of the product that was selling on the internet.

You can still earn from that by writing an article about how great and usable the product was lots of business owner will get their interest and sponsored what you are doing.

From this point you can also earn money from blogging by just writing a content from a certain product and that was called product reviewer.

Another possible ways you can Earn from a certain product is if they have a referral link directed to your account.

This are some best and possible ways on how to earn money from blogging, So turn your website or blog page to a profitable stuff that earns profit and adds cash to your wallet.

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