EASY STEP on How to create unique Invitation Airplane Design

Sample Pilot Invitation for Christening

How to create unique Invitation for Christening

Welcome to this unique blog where you can learn easy step on How to create or build unique invitation like airplane design that you may used in your next occasions.

Today here I make my past design for invitation, the airplane theme design.

About Airplane

Airplane is a vehicle that operated by human that enable us to fly throughout the sky. 

It is a kind of transportation vehicle and it is the one of the most expensive fair.

It allows you to travel from one country to another with a short period of time. 

Airplane is one of the most dangerous transportation vehicle because one mistake makes all of the passengers might be killed.

Airplane symbolize high expectations that their parents wants to their child when it comes to themes and design. 

Because their dream to become pilot someday.

Airplane comes in many form and designs

Most of them used for national defense, surveying Territorial countries, transportation and even rescuing helicopters is one best examples for that.

In the past people invented different types of vehicles and suit to make the fly through the sky but most of that time failed.

Then the wright brother came they invented and successful developed an aircraft that can fly.

This is one of the most historical vehicle of that time the airplane reborn era.

Passport type Invitation Layout Design

Applying Airplane Designs to Christening and Birthday Invitation

Here is my sample design of invitation with airplane themes and design on it.

It is cute, nice and good looking design for invitation with a 4 r paper size and it was very unique in portrait paper orientation. 

This design was so simple with a few design and plane white colors it was nice and cool layout for your child to be construct.

Now Let's make the invitation:

Simple Passport Invitation Design

First we need to gather all the requirements we need in making this unique invitation.

➡️ Quotes - Adding quotes to invitation makes your invitation unique. Look or Find the best quotable quotes that fits to your chosen themes.

➡️ Background - It is the based colors of our invitation.

Since we choose to have an airplane themes then we should go for white or sky blue background.

But in this invitation layout we used a white color represents a clear white sky and white clouds ☁️.

➡️ Photos of the Celebrant's - 2 or three photos is much better to used in making a 4R sized invitation.

Photos of the celebrant's must be

For better Results.

➡️ Complete details of the event - Font used must be


➡️ Boarder - Optional. It can adds more uniqueness to your invitation.

➡️ Airplane and pilot image - to add more consistency to your themes.

Now since we gathered all the materials we want we should proceed in editing.

You must learn basic tools in photo editing software watch video tutorial for more information of your photo editing software you used.

👉 Set up your document size it must be 4 inches in height with 6 inches in width it must be RGB in color mode with 300 resolution.

👉 Add the background since we choose to have color white there is no need to followed this direction.

👉 Add the boarders near to edge of your working invitations.

👉 Add the celebrants photos position it the way you want.

👉 Add details used fonts that must be readable for your guest.

👉 Adds the Airplane and pilots image to add more designs to your working invitations.

👉 Remember to Save make it hobby 

👉 Test print.

Followed this steps to create your own Airplane invitation designs for christening and birthday.

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