Cinderella Photo booth layout Design

Cinderella Photo booth layout for Seventh Birthday

About Cinderella

Of all the Disney Princess characters apart from Bell, a fictional character in the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella is the only princess who came from being poor.

The story of his story is really amazing so many of us persevere and work hard to achieve the royalty lifestyle and in this way we can say that this is the reality of life and not just a fairytale.

Bell is a judgmental character who initially wants to help his parents to serve in the palace in exchange for paying off his father's debt.

To pay  for his father's debt, It turns out that his servant is an ugly Beast and he has made it small.

Until the Beast fell in love with him and gave everything to him and his family.

Bell thought that he fell in love with her when he left her in the palace and when he returned to the palace he found her almost lifeless in sadness and when he felt his true love for her the Beast's strength returned and the curse was lifted from him that returned him to being a strong prince.

Meanwhile, the story of Cinderella is the story of the cruelty of her aunt and her two step sisters.

Until an announcement from the palace changes his life. L

All women are invited to attend the dance held at the palace to choose a prince who will be his queen from all those present.

By the grace of her fairy God Mother she was gifted with a pair of glass shoes, a beautiful ball gown dress and an elegant carriage.

From the gesturing of his fairy God Mother's magic wand in a moment this became possible.

But his godmother gave a warning that its effect will only last until 12 midnight and everything will be back to normal.

Cinderella didn't realize the time so she quickly left the palace and left behind a piece of shoe that was also the way for the prince to find Cinderella

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