How to Build your Personalize Mickey Mouse PHOTO BOOTH Layout

Mickey Mouse Photo booth Layout

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique mickey mouse photo booth layout you can view and study the above mickey mouse photo booth layout.

In this sample Photo booth design you can see that I used Red, yellow and black color combination.

Why did I use this type of color combination for this mickey mouse photo booth layout?

The reason is because mickey mouse himself represents these colors black is mickey mouse's primary color from head to toe, red is the color for the jumper suit he wears and yellow is the color of the button you can see on his jumper suit .

You can also use black, white and red combination.

This is an easy way for you to make a beautiful and attractive mickey mouse photo booth layout for first birthday.

People all over the world wants to make their sons or daughters birthday become memorable for guest and visitors and even for their self.

In these case they where looking for a unique birthday party ideas that they may include to their list.

Some of this ideas may varies from what they need like cheapest birthday party hat, DIY (Do it Yourself) Birthday Party Invitation, Unique Birthday party souvenir etc.

The most important aspect that they consider is the budget that fits to their birthday party list.

Sample Photo booth Template Design Mickey Mouse Theme for First Birthday

How to build Mickey Mouse Photo booth template for First Birthday

In today's topic here is sample Mickey Mouse photo booth template for first birthday.

Here the clients wants a
Photobooth Template with mickey mouse themes design for photo souvenir of her son's first birthday.

In this template we used a standard size which is 6 inches in width by 4 inches in height with 300 resolution RGB color mode.

From this point here we created a frame with Mickey mouse color motif which is Red and White color combination and black and white color combination on the inside you notice that we used a polka dot design on it same as Mickey Mouse pants design.

The font i used in here was called Mickey font that you can easily download in the internet for free. is one good source of free font

From this template we used a different color combination for the name to be more colorful with black and white strokes designs.

For the date of this photo booth layout I used a red font with black and white strokes that was placed at the lower right sides of the layout.

How to create attractive Mickey Mouse Photo booth template for 1st Birthday

Mickey Mouse Photo booth template for First Birthday

For you to make an attractive Mickey Mouse photo booth layout for 1st Birthday one needs to consider for you a few things it is as follows:

Background - Choose a background that suits your taste.

Make sure you use a clear and high quality image here so that the background you choose must be high resolution for a good printout result. 

Choose a background that suits the birthday themes such as the photo booth layout example you can see above.

Reference - If you are creating a photo booth layout for your little one for the first time and you feel that you are having difficulty designing it, you should look for references as a basis for your photo booth layout for your 1st birthday.

Find a simple design and find a photo booth layout that looks good. 

Getlayout.Blogspot.Com is a free blog that offers different design ang layouts for free.

It is a collection of layouts and design that might you need easy to navigate and friendly user blog. 

Color Motif - We all know that every birthday theme has a color motif but you can use a different color combination as long as it is not ugly to look at and clear to the eye.

Celebrants Photos - You should always remember to use the photos provided to you by your client, the image should be clear and not blurred, Be sure to ask for extra photos so that in case you go wrong you can easily resolve it.

Event Datails - keep reviewing every detail you put into your mickey mouse 1st Birthday photo booth layout, especially the correct spelling and punctuation you use

Font - Choosing the right font style and font color will play a big role in the beauty of your photo booth layout

Choose a font style and font color that is appropriate for your chosen birthday party themes

Birthday Themes Images - You should put it right birthday themes images what is your chosen theme for the event.

Since we have chosen a mickey mouse we should put decorative mickey mouse images on it at least 2 to three small pieces.

Don't let images clutter your layout and keep your 1st birthday photo booth layout beautiful to the eye and clear. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to make an attractive Mickey Mouse photo booth layout for first birthday

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

Mickey Mouse Photo booth Polka Dots design

Mickey Mouse birthday party themes is very popular all over the globe.

It is one of the top 10 selected birthday party themes because of its material availability
that you can buy in the market.

✔ Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake - Imagine Birthday without birthday cake.

You can celebrate even a simple birthday together with your family even with one piece of cake, for celebrants it is one of the best birthday that they ever had.

✔ DIY Mickey Mouse Greeting Cards - You know not every people can afford to celebrate birthday party events, because most of them don't have budget.

Giving a simple greeting cards to a celebrants makes they day complete. It gives a lot of impressive impact to the people who received greeting cards especially when its handmade.

Also you can used this greeting cards as a replacement for gift.

✔ Photo Souvenir - Guest always loves to have souvenir, You can rent photobooth from one stop party shop. You can also ask them to have a personalized layout of photo souvenir with the celebrants photos attached on to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions
✔ What is the proper resolution of creating your Mickey Mouse Photo booth Layout for First Birthday?

✔ What is the best color mode that you used it creating your personalized Mickey Mouse photo booth Layout?

✔ Best Ink that you used in establishing your photo booth business


✔ Mostly photobooth layout has a resolution of 300 for better results.

It gives good quality of photo souvenir so you must set your working templates to 300.

✔ Use RGB color mode in creating your personalized photo booth layout.

The CMYK mode is used in large format printer such as tarpaulin machine.

✔ Solvent Ink is better to used in a simple birthday party events but solvent ink didn't last longer it gives a yellowish effects and faded effects after a month.

Pigment Ink is very recommended ink when establishing your photo booth business it gives a clear details of output and it will never faded out.

Pigment Ink is mush better if you used a matte photo paper.

I hope this site help your event become memorable.

For Suggestion and Inquiries you can freely send us a E-mail I'll response those every messages as soon as i read it as soon as possible.

Mickey Mouse Photo booth Design for birthday

Every week we give free photobooth sample design that suits in your son or daughters birthday.

Just send us a good quality of Pictures of the celebrant to us together with details of the event the size that you want to have and we will create those template for free and we will response it to your given e-mail just give us one week time limit before the event for as of now many inquiries that where receives everyday first come first serves after all it's 100% Free.

Have a nice day to everyon
e and god bless. 

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