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Cocomelon Wheel on the Bus birthday Tarpaulin

Cocomelon Christening Tarpaulin Layout Design

Nowadays Cocomelon is one of the most chosen birthday party themes all over the globe, In this case many parents seeking and looking for a unique and creative layout for tarp with cocomelon design for their child birthday.

Cocomelon birthday party themes can be used by both baby girl and baby boy celebrants so many event organizer and event coordinators recommend this cocomelon birthday party themes.

Cocomelon Tarpaulin Layout for Christening and First Birthday

You will see that there are few and limited layout that posted in the web with cocomelon design, So there are some of them can be used for your reference while creating your cocomelon tarp.

Most layouts posted in the web are in poor quality so the outputs are blurred don’t expect to get high quality of image.

In the sample cocomelon tarpaulin layout above, you will see that in here I created a better and good quality cocomelon tarp layout like the parents of the celebrants requested.

First we need to slice up and identify all the elements that used in a particular design.

I choose to add in this christening tarpaulin layout, searching  and downloading  2 good quality images of baby JJ (baby JoJo  cast of cocomelon) is to tough, to get a high quality of image from your browser you must select tools and from image click high resolution.

After that

I download floral design for the frame and to add more color to this christening tarp layout.

I also used a red white and green color combination stripes for the border that was placed on the top portion and on the lower part of the layout.

Cocomelon Tarp Design for Birthday

Tarpaulin Layout Cocomelon Design: Less than 30 Minutes

If your planning to build a simple but awesome cocomelon birthday tarpaulin and you don't know how to make then this less than 30 minutes will gives you a great help.

I also look for high resolution of field background for this cocomelon christening tarp.

Adding a hanging bulb light make this tarp design looks great and awesome, and lastly for the fonts I used Lazy Meow and catchland font style that was easily to download in your browser for free, is one website that offers free fonts to download so you better check this sites its free.

Using Photoshop (Any version) you will see that I placed all the photos of the celebrants in horizontal form and add red and green strokes.

You will also see on the corner sides you notice that I placed a floral corner that matches to the background and themes that the client choose.

For the main photos of the celebrants here I choose to have a clear image that the client provide and add yellow outer glow around it.

Editable Cocomelon Tarpaulin Layout

For the name of the celebrants here I used to have a Red color since the celebrants was baby boy and the themes was cocomelon, Red is one of the best color that applicable to the themes.

You will also notice that I used a whites strokes around the celebrants name and duplicate to create another strokes and color it to green.

Here are some Layout Designs you may choose from Cocomelon Birthday party Events.

Cocomelon Invitation Layout Design

There are many ways to beautify an occasion just a few of these ways are choosing the right birthday party themes and choosing the appropriate decoration for the birthday themes chosen.

Christening and Birthday cocomelon tarp design

There are birthday themes that are only applicable for baby boys or young male celebrants and also for baby girls or young female celebrants.

Cocomelon Invitation Layout for Christening and First Birthday

Determining the gender of a celebrants helps greatly so that parents or guardians can quickly choose birthday themes that are suitable for their loved one.

But there are some birthday themes that are suitable for all genders and just a few of its examples are Cocomelon Birthday party themes, Quarantine Birthday party themes, Balloon birthday party themes and many more.

Cocomelon Invitation Layout Design for Christening and First Birthday

If you notice the above Layout here we make standard Cocomelon invitation designs with corresponding dimensions of 6 inches in width by 4 inches in height.

First Birthday Cocomelon Tarp Design

This is a standard size only for simple events because right now our country is really strict when it comes to mass and social gatherings.

Cocomelon Tarpaulin Layout for Birthday

In this Cocomelon Invitation you will see I I combine a hanging bulb light to make it more unique and attractive.

You will also see that i used a wooden signage for the date of the event.

A combination of red and green colors suitable for this Cocomelon birthday party invitations for first birthday.

Cocomelon Tarpaulin Layout For First Birthday

For this cocomelon tarpaulin here I varies the design based on my cocomelon Invitation above to make this two layouts compatible with each other and I place 3 photos of the celebrants and add floral boarder color to make this cocomelon tarpaulin looks awesome.

Cocomelon Souvenir Tags Layout

For this Cocomelon souvenir tags here I used all the colors and designs form my previous layout above to make all of this layout compatible with each other.

Cocomelon tarpaulin design for christening and first birthday

So here are the basic and creative way to build your cocomelon birthday party layout.

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