A very cute sample tarpaulin design for christening dragonfly themes

Sample Tarpaulin Design Dragonfly for Christening

Sample Tarpaulin Design Dragonfly for Christening

Welcome to the Christian World, you will see this tag line in every christening tarpaulin.

Having a tarpaulin for christening will make your events become special and adding some different designed and themes to your layout to your tarpaulin will definitely make your tarpaulin looks great. Today we discussed a very creative and unique design for christening with dragonfly themes and layout. In some history books in Dinosaur era, Dragonfly is the only existing animals that live until now, some old books and expert says that this animals survived for a long long time and some fossil proved that this animals really existing in that era.

This animals has ability to fly in different pattern to whenever he wanted and has a speed to avoid from enemies or predators.

In that particular era dragonflies is bigger that a human lifeforms but the evolution still exist and transform this gigantic flying insects into a mini and unharmed insects.

How to create a tarpaulin layout for christening with dragonfly design?

In this sample design you will see that the celebrants was a baby boy so from at this point we will used a baby blue color as our themes color pallet as well as light green because the color of the nature was a green.

There we set our themes color pallet that we want to used in this template the rotation of colors should be based on this two color pallet option.

The client provided a different cute photos of the celebrants came from his mobile phones with different months up to the present.

Here i re positioned all those photos of the celebrants to the way that i wanted to and selected the two present photos served as my main photos for this template.

On the edges of the photos you will see that i add some cute floral green design on the different edges of the photos to looks like cute natural and at the top i created a scalloped blue design with white hearts served as a border for this template and i also download some cute dragonfly clip art to add more design and details on my working tarpaulin for christening with dragonfly design.

For the font and other details here i used a light blue colors with white strokes in design and for the label space here i used a creative white green floral design and this is how i created this tarpaulin layout design for christening with dragonfly themes. This tarpaulin template was made with 48 inches by 48 inches like the clients requested from us with 72 resolution and a color mode of CMYK. It was nice to have a very cute dragonfly design for christening. So there you have it guys i hope you'll learn something new to our today's topic and i hope that you've been here next time to witness our very creative design and template that randomly released this following days.

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Have a nice day to everyone and god bless to every each of you.
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