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Stressed cause by UNSUCCESSFUL Job hunt

When we need a job and you can’t find one - it can cause STRESSFUL to our mind.🧠

Mostly at the times where the market is down.

We must then decide - is this about finding a #job, or finding a source of income for us or for our family?💸👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

You have the skills, knowledge, gifts and experience people need and are willing to pay or exchange services/goods for.

Skills people want to be taught, and want to be at the top by others.

Experiences they want to learn from, so they can navigate theirs skills, knowledge and experiences that will provide a service, product or solution to someone in need. 

➡️ What do you already have that people need right now?

➡️ What problems can you solve, to become tough? 

➡️ What pain can you take away?

➡️ What about the possible skills, same as knowledge and experience could you gain that are in high demand right now?

➡️ Where can you be seen? examples the website called Upwork, or social media?

You might need to learn marketing skills and strategies.

But word of mouth could be enough.

Start with your existing network/community - who needs you there?

"The greatest challenge you’ve successfully overcome is your greatest gift to the world".

My greatest challenge was overcoming my communication skills in writing, and finding a career I loved in writing especially blogging.

Now I help others to become successful and fulfilment in their careers too by giving tips and advise.

COMPANIES that posted JOB VACANCIES: Cause Stress 

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To all Companies please make an Update!

Can you Please kindly remove JOB VACANCIES posted if you are currently not HIRING.

Actually It’s a complete waste of our time to prepare and sending out resumes for "That particular jobs that you Posted."

Job searching gives the applicant emotionally draining and this only gives us "FALSE HOPE".

Leaving these "Posting" just to collect resumes is not cool. What do you called to the APPLICANTS "RESERVED BULLET" at war (I'm talking to company applicant) That you can "RELOAD" When the Leautenan (The Manager) "Fires" (employees) the Trigger?.

Put yourself in our shoes.

Just be honest and transparent by letting us know you have frozen hiring.

Show empathy and respect to others feelings and we look forward that one day to work for such an organization as yours.


There are many possible  reasons
some of this are:

➡️ To Sustain Employees Reservation Purpose. Sometimes when our company's do a great job which means  "we need a lot of employees" to work with us.

➡️ Laziness mostly they forgot to removed those post if they found great employees and they don't care after that.

➡️ Blocking other companies to grab great employees. How can I say this things very simple.

Explanation: Google or other Search engine determine what particular post was that and automatically the search engine index it and put it on the top of the page as a Results.

If the creator of the Job Hiring post used a unique and creative words especially rich in keywords the google rank those post higher and posted it up to the main page of the results, which means they created several related job hiring post to get all of their post to main page of search results which block other companies to get good applicants.

The Professional Applicants didn't  know that if they are looking for a job they certainly click on the top five search results that google gave and didn't waste of their time scrolling down.

Reposted job does this mean failed job search

Have you ever applied for a certain job that you think to yourself that you are suitable in that position, then finished an interview, and then found one day that the job was already "REPOSTED" (before you heard or knew about the results done by your interview)?!

I'm guessing this caused some concern.

Does it mean they didn't get the job? 

I recommend following up with your application and try to ask your contact/recruiters.

However, there could be many reasons that the job was reposted.

Here are some possibilities that come to mind: 

➡️ The company is looking to expand the candidate pool 

➡️ The job requirements was changed

➡️ They are keeping the job posting active until it is filled with applicant.

Tell me, has this happened to you too? 

What did you find out / What did you learn?

Recruiters/hiring managers, can you share more reasons why this might happen?

For applicant it was very important that we know your reasons why the job was reposted.

If we don't qualify for the job please let us know, so we have  much time to update our resume and trying to figure  out what's our mistakes to overcome those problems for the next interviews.

If you are the applicant what do you do? Do you wait for the results with your job application or Do you try to apply with other company?

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