JOB APPLICATION: CONFIDENCE can make huge impact

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CONFIDENCE is key to Job interview

Confidence in an interview can make a huge impact applicant / employee.

However, cockiness can lose you the opportunity to get the role or to get #hired.

Where's the line?

Some mistakes may include the following:

1. No to Self describing ("I'm a hard worker")

 2. No to Implying that the role is in anyway beneath you ("I can get a job wherever I want, at more well known institutions than this one.") your feet was to high from ground. Employers don't need that kind of attitude in their team.

3. Focusing to the list of your accomplishments from a decade or more ago (We get it, you were featured by Well known Magazine  or television shows 19 years ago, but what have you done for the world since?).

What shows you real confidence?

1. Saying Honestly / Expressing clearly what you want in your next opportunity. 

2. Asking a great questions to vet the team

 3. Acknowledging when you don't know something, and use this as an opportunity to learn from the #interviewer.

4. Coming in with standards and suggest opinions, instead of agreeing with everything the interviewer says.

5. Looking people straight in the eye, firm handshakes (not in times of quarantine), & relaxed, tall posture

Too OLD to Apply? Show Confidence 

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JOB Age Shouldn't Matter

Mostly people with Average AGE of  40's found out them self that they are too old to look for JOB?. 

Sometimes this people feel depressed and low of self esteem

QUESTIONS: Is that too old to find a JOB? 

ANSWER: Absolutely not!

But does ageism exist? Yes!

How do I get around it?

1. Resume must be clearly showcase them with transferable skills and achievements.

2. Professional Experience prior to 2005, should be subsection in Earlier Work Experience, with just Company Name, Location, Job Title and NO Dates or further details.

3. Account Profile should only include past 15 years of work experience.

4. You should not include graduation dates on Educational background.

5. Mention the quality level of Education in opening paragraph of Professional Summary. 

6. Chose an honest but “youthful” profile photo.

7. Do not use “20+ years of experience” etc., in any narrative.

Just Remember: YOU are never too old to reinvent yourself! Many employees are living-proof of that!

What else shows confidence in the interview?  Drop comment below. 

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