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Trending Business Website Platform

The Best Business Website Platform

LinkedIn is a social media platform that most well known for many business owner, manager, companies and applicants are gather together

sharing different

✔ Thoughts
✔ Ideas


✔ Managing Skills

to promote their own businesses.

LinkedIn is your personal space.

It is for your personalbranding and for creating a group/tribe and a community of your own to support.

I believe that each one of us has duty, something to give back to our society.

I do not see any excitement about people copying the statuses of others as such and sharing them without even giving credits.

Many business minded do this.


For more exposure and credibility to their profile.

Sharing of public quotes and videos is a different story.

Imagine that a persons borrowing some decorative stuff from his/her neighbours or friends to decorate his/her own living room everytime they have visitors/guest.

Would they keep still borrowing it from others? or would they try to get the stuff of their own?

The reality is, they don't need to borrow.

They just have to be true to theirself and represent theirself the best way that they can.

The same is with their LinkedIn Account content.

If they cannot create content for now, start engaging in the posts of others and be a part of the comment/dialogue and discussion but avoid copying their content.

It gives you hurts to your credibility and does not help to you in creating an impact.

Learn How to use Statistic in Business

What is the basis for us to say that a business is advancing?

How do we know if our business is stable? 

These are just a few of the questions a person wants to establish a solid foundation of his business.

Let's find out, review and dot these questions to answer what is troubling your mind so that we know productively the methods we use to run our business or so that we know what we can do to solve the problems we face will come to our business.

So let's start and let's discuss.

What is the basis for us to say that a business is thriving and advancing?

Know How to used Statistic to Analyzed your Business Statistics is one way for us to know that a business is advancing.

Due to the statistic we will also know the times when our sale income is high and low.

Example: If your Product is Oil Pastel Color and Canvas for large frame

We can say that the strength of your business sales income and every incoming schools years onwards and the weakness of our sales and every vacation quarter.

Because of the statistic we make take this advantage and used this information data to make a final steps to make adjustment to our product we can do a discounted sale to our product or get a buy 1 take 1 for free promo.

Knowing how to use statistic in your business makes a big advantage over your competitors.

There are lots of websites offers accurate statistic results from your business.

This website statistic gives you a complete details and demographic sales for your company

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