Things should you consider before LEAVING your job?

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Don't Quit your JOB

After Covid!

Here's are some reasons Why we should not sign any Job offer Letter not knowing or asking about the company's action During the global pandemic!

1. Did they fire their employees?

2. Did they force their employees to take a long leave (vacation) without the salary?

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3. Did the company negotiate their employees to reduce a part of their basic benefits?

And in the case of any objections, the termination of services will be the last fate!
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Unsuccessful job search cause DEPRESSION 

What's happening nowadays you will see and notice the true colors for each company's management are defined,

that do really care and Respect for their employees, and which don't care and just claiming fake mottos.

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WORK to achieve your personal goal

The high salary, position, and benefits at the job offer will not be helpful and secure if there is no mutual loyalty.

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