Do you Want RECRUITERS to contact YOU?

Possible ways that recruiter contact the Applicant

recruiter poster linkedin

Recruiter Poster

Then sort out your Online Account headline!


These are Basic guidelines you can followed:

➡️ If your happily employed: indicate current job title. E.g. Graphic Artist

 ➡️ But if your currently employed but looking to transition: current job title + 2 other titles. E.g., Graphic Artist | Layout Artist | Artist

➡️ And if your unemployed: 3 job titles you are seeking. E.g., Graphic Artist | Layout Artist | Artist | Designer | Digital Artist | Animators Etc., etc.

Make it crystal CLEAR for recruiters and hiring managers what particular roles you can fulfill.

skills of hr manager

40 Skills of a good HR

If you just lost your job, You can simply

Put one job title into your CURRENT experience,

add the word “freelance” and put none in the Company Name.

This will keep your Social-Account become in an All-Star status.

unique profile pictures

Creating your Unique profile 

We really don’t want to see any-headline

“Seasoned professional with 20 years experience.”

“Currently unemployed.”

Not very enticing!

Today millions of people have lost their jobs in this recent weeks so now it’s time to ensure that YOU.

 Look like you mean BUSINESS!

be responsible for yourself here is a other way.

Want RECRUITERS to contact YOU on your Social Media Account?

Then do the following to your social media account:

✔ Make sure your profile is your actual job title / description.

✔Make sure you have an “About” section on your profile.

✔ Make sure that you have relevant keywords added in your “About” section.

✔ Make sure you have All-Star status in your account.

✔Make sure your profile photo is professional in look.

But the most important.

✔Make sure you are actively ENGAGING on your social media platform.

Your social media account has algorithm ability and has the power to suppress or elevate profiles based on the number of engagement.

So: Always do, Put a like on interesting posts only.

👍 Always leave and Write an insightful comment of at least one full sentence to that post.

👍 Always do to Like your own comment.

👍 Always Like and reply to other meaningful comments.

👍 Don't share posts of others.

👍 Post your own original content.

(All of the above boosts the Social Media Account algorithm in your favour).

All engagement on your social media account needs to be consistent and very meaningful.

You can always monitor your daily profile view activity via “Profile Views.”

If you want to get something out from this platform, you need to put something interesting first.

Invest in your own future!

Any thoughts, please drop comment below on this post?

A smart Jobseeker is cautious of Job Scam

If your applying for work and do a job hunt

Always be cautious of job scams and remember to do your research.

Many job agencies and recruiters now a day ask for money or any form of payment from applicants so remember this as a job seekers before applying for a certain job.

Some of this are
➡️ Benefits fee - The recruiters  gives you some benefits list that you may acquire during your work. They ask you to pay and they do the process for you but mostly some agencies don't process your paper at all.

➡️ Processing Fee - The recruiters ask the applicants to pay some processing documents for his paper to get hired faster.

The recruiters gives a certain condition where the applicants thinks that it was much faster and convenient  way if you pay some small amount rather than to wait longer to get hired 

All recruitment-related communications come from the corporate email address of the Agency.

Please remember:

Do not give out confidential information over the phone if you haven’t applied for the position.

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