7 People's misconceptions about finding a job

Misconception about finding Job

Each of us really has habits, a bad habit and we should remove from our personality so that we can advance in life, a habit that we should not show to our children so that they do not set an example.

What I am referring to is being negative in outlook on life.

Sometimes because of human misconduct one cannot find a good job at the moment.

What I'm talking about is human behavior because we always tell ourselves

1. It's too soon for doing job search due to COVID 

2. No one is hiring due to COVID crisis 

3. I have PLENTY of time right now.

4. I don't even know how or where to start 

5. Once I do X, I can start job searching 

6. I can't work right now, at this moment my children are out of school.

7. I swear, I'll do it tomorrow

In realities You are only fooling yourself.

"You are afraid of the challenge"

While you sit back waiting for things to fall into place, others are getting the job you desire/want.

TODAY, find a way to get started.
TODAY, find a way to change your career.

TODAY, find a way to be different 
TODAY, find a way to get hired

Whether that means updating your resume, connecting with professionals, or working on a skill/certification, carve some time out for YOUR future.

There are plenty of professionals ready to give advice freely.

Nowadays there are many problems facing the whole world everyone is affected, if you tell yourself that you will change you will definitely not feel the problem, be positive and take action that is the key to every person who wants to succeed in life. 

It is not too late for change to remove the negative and try to find a way to change it, you will not feel it now but you will feel it in the future.

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Now that you know the misconceptions of an applicant, let's talk about the quality and skills that employers are looking for in their employees.

5 Job Hinting Secret

In this videos you must lear this amazing 5 Job Hunting secrets in order for you to get and have a better chance to succeed to get a high percentage to get hired!.

List of Quality and Skills that the Employers Looking for their Employees 

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Essential Professional Skills of an Applicant

These are some of the ideal qualities and skills employers are looking for in their employees

Honesty - An employee must be honest in his duties, he carefully follows the rules and regulations of their employer.

Because of Honesty an employee gains Trust and Good Feedback.

Employers keep these types of workers in their business for a long time and he will not just let them go even though many experiences and new fresh graduates will apply in his business.

Because of Honesty, employers have more spare time to focus on other aspects of the work because he trusts the people he trusts.

Honesty also contributes significantly to an owner's Mental Health because it reduces the Stress he or she will feel in his or her business.

Admit a Mistake is a bold decision that will come from the employee but can give him Trust from the owner.

Takenote: "Not everyone who admits their guilt is a coward.

"It is just a step to become a perfectionist employee and avoid doing things that will happen again in the future"


Communication Skills - It is important that an employee's quality is a skill they must possess.

Here begins the word Leadership.

If an employee possesses this type of skills the job will be easier for everyone because he or she will be able to understand and convey to all the roles that are placed on them in a good and orderly conversation. 

Also because of Communication skills he can balance every situation such as tension between his co-workers because he can make them understand the consequences and possibilities that can happen.

Communication skills also include ability to followed direction, and provide feedback.

Ability to listen, communicate clearly with meduim phones, e-mail, verbally, and with body language.

Work Ethic - An employer has nothing to look for if his or her employee is on time, performing his or her duties, following the rules of the job, being able to finish work on time and meeting its target, being able to I balance work and family time.

Problem-Solving Skills - An ideal employee should quickly think of ways and SOLUTION to the problem.

Many companies will look for workers with high motivation skills to face challenges with minimal direction. 

Employees should see what needs to be done and act quickly accordingly to a situation.

Flexible - This is also a key that an employer should have the ability to do multiple tasks.

In case the employee is short, he or she can perform other types of work related to their work.

Technical Competencies - Many companies today are looking for and require certain skills that are advertised on the Job Posting.

Example: If you enter a job as a sales representative for Oil Pastel Color and Canvas for large frame.

You must also have the ability to sell it not only inside your workplace but also outside for example (friends, relatives, social media, etc.).

These are just some of the qualities and skills that employers look for in their workers or employees so if you have a plan to apply you should change your misconceptions about your personality in life and try to be positive in life.

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