Mickey Mouse Mug sample Layout

Mickey Mouse Mugs design for Christening

How to create Personalized Mug souvenir with Mickey Mouse design for Christening?

One thing that the parents would like to inform the celebrants of his invited guests is a great thank you to the attendance of his guests on one of his son's most special days.

So many of the celebrants' parents are looking for the most creative souvenir which they can give at that occasion.

Today we are discussing one of the most simple yet beautiful souvenirs you can give to your visitors

Because most of us are avoiding spending even a little bit of money we will try to create a personalized mug souvenir.

Today it is hard to earn money and it's hard to spend a snap on one day's birthday event.

Now I'll teach you how to make a mugs layout to become a souvenir for the guests.

In this layout we created a template from the exact size that should fit 3.5 inches in height and 8 inches in the width of your layout with 300 resolution to make a good look.

It is a standard size for mug when creating your personalized design.

Mickey mouse mug ideas

You will see that in the upper and lower layers i have placed a blue and white zigzag pattern this serves to be the border designs of the mugs.

I chose the color blue because our celebrants is a baby boy and it was applicable to used this color in this particular occasion so from this moment I choose to have a light blue and white combination as my theme color in this layout

You'll also see that I use a blue background with cute stars and clouds.

You can download this background in the internet for free.

For the name of the celebrants I used a blue colored for the font with white strokes to float the name on our layout.

I also add a baby mickey mouse images around our layout because this is what the parent wants to see in his souvenir to give to visitors.

In doing this layout you can also put sparkle designs to complement your layout.

Another things you should keep in mind is you should check and check the correct spelling, the details like the date, the name of the celebrants and always keep the word thank you for coming as a thank you to the attendees.

You can also choose a cute photo of the celebrants to put in your design.

The stroke effect is nice idea that you may include in every of your layout you'll find that I use this method in the photograph of the celebrants and surrounded it with bubbles around it.

Imagination and creativity is what I promote in every layout that i make and I want to share with everyone who is doing your design should you pour out your know-how.

If you are given a chance.

Make a souvenir if you do not miss such confidence and the opportunity given to you by the parents of the celebrants to show your talent in designing so many of you will be able to make your own skills and that many people will make you like this souvenir.

I can only say one person who trusts in this blog article I am very grateful and you enjoy this simple blog.

I hope you support this blog so many people can help me and I hope you will be able to inspire the unique and creative designs that I release.

Invite your family relatives and friends to view and share this very nice blog article for them and help with making different designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to print out your personalized Mug Designs?

✔ Using your regular printer you can print out your mug designs but keep in mind that the ink used in this process was different ink used in your office or at home.

Use Sublimation Ink and used Mirror mode before printing.

Check all the print out image if there is any ink leak and cut all excess papers.

Set up your mug press to its proper temperature.

Stick together with the print out paper and the Mugs using thermal tape or easy to peel tape, these will temporary hold the designs to the mugs and don't use a plastic tape.

For your questions suggestions you can only email our official email address located at the top of our page or click on the contact page at the top of this article.

Thank you very much for everything and good day for each of you.

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