How to Make Mickey Mouse Birthday Design: BEGINNERS Complete GUIDE

Mickey Mouse Tarpaulin

Things you should need to know to make Mickey Mouse Birthday Design

Today we will discuss different ways How to make Mickey Mouse Birthday Design that will help you for your loved one’s upcoming birthday.

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In this article we will discuss the following: 

1.) How to properly build your personalized invitation with Mickey Mouse Design. 

2.) Techniques for making Tarpaulin Layout with Mickey Mouse Design.

3.) Correct Colors to use Mickey Mouse Birthday Party.

4.) Making a Labeled Tag with Mickey Mouse Designed for your Souvenir.

5.) DIY Loot Box Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas.

How to properly build your personalized invitation with Mickey Mouse Design. 

Best Mickey Mouse Tarpaulin

Making an invitation for your Special Someone is easy to do but learn if you follow the guides that I will teach you.

In order to make a beautiful and unique Mickey Mouse invitation you must know the correct Orientation paper that you will use for your invitation.

This is a big help so that you can setup in your brain the arrangement of event details, photos of the child and some images that you will put in your invitation.

If you notice more layouts and graphic artists making invitations that are Landscape paper Orientation and more reference designs you will see if you create a landscape format.

So if you are going to make a Mickey Mouse invitation it will be a big help if you know the paper format you will be using.

Choosing the right font and color you will use in Your Mickey Mouse Birthday invitation.

Choosing the right font style and font colors is one of the main things a Beginners should learn because the beauty of an invitation layout depends on it.

Best Mickey Mouse Tarpaulin Design

For beginners who want to make an attractive Mickey Mouse invitation you should use bold and print type font style because one is your type of font style applicable for such birthday themes you can also use bright colors to make your invitation more beautiful and alive.

Always remember not to use calligraphy font styles especially if Mickey Mouse is your birthday themes because it will not be readable for your audiences.

For mickey mouse background faster choose your background to use when you search in your browser make sure it is high resolution and large image of photos so that the result is clear and beautiful.

Saving file is something that you don't forget especially when you make a birthday invitation it will help you to redo your layout and do minor editing.

Few layout artist focus their ability and skills to create mickey mouse christening tarpaulin


Because Mickey mouse christening tarp is very simple and easy to construct, A simple green field with clear bright blue sky background is applicable for this themes.

Adding photos of the celebrant and some mickey mouse character attached to the templates are simple methods to create mickey mouse christening tarpaulin.

Many event coordinators use this method and earn by applying this technique to their client. 

Since mickey mouse is very popular in terms of events, occasions and birthday many layout artist used and used the same kind layout to their different client they only change some important informations like name of the celebrant, photos and date.

Mostly layout artist do the (Re shuffle technique) meaning re arranged layer or reposition method in short "Changing Position Method" way of designing.

This technique in creating tarpaulin designs is not a bad way of designing, they only use this also to save time without starting from scratch.

As long as you don't copy the others work and as long as you used your original style it's ok to used those method.

but many people wants to have a unique mickey mouse tarpaulin for christening especially for their own children to make it special, their reasons is that they pay fees for the layout artist services.
Choosing Proper Color Combination for Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Setup 

Sample Tarpaulin Design Mickey Mouse

Choosing the right color combination for a birthday themes is one that you should consider.

This is a very important aspect for event coordinators and party organizers.

With the right choice of color here depends the beauty of a birthday party

From decoration, balloons, table setup, loot bags, cakes and cupcakes, souvenirs, tarpaulins, invitations and much more they should have common color settings to blend each other beautifully in a birthday party event

Just choose up to three types of color combinations that suit your birthday themes

Example: Mickey Mouse We can use Red, Blue and Black color combination. 

This is an ideal color combination when it comes to Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Events.

You can also use Black, White and Red color combination but this color is too dull if you do Mickey Mouse Birthday party setup.

How to make an awesome Labeled Tag for your souvenir with Mickey Mouse Design

Making a labeled tag for your souvenir is a big thing to make your souvenir more presentable for your guests, visitors and also for the god patents of celebrants.

The labeled tag is a printable tag that is placed on the souvenir and is placed on it with a message, photos and thank you in attendance at the event.

Not just making a labeled tag it should have a good image quality, and it should also be in the right size according to your chosen souvenir. 

Before printing it, the designer will make a hard copy until the printable area is filled to make the printable materials worthwhile.

How to make DIY loot box with Mickey Mouse design

Children really love birthday party games and they often prefer to participate in such events and participate because of the prizes they get in the games held at such events.

For parents who are saving they just buy lootbags made of printable plastic and for others they make customized printable loot bags made of paper.

Often printable loot boxes are stocked with child photos and designs that resemble their chosen birthday themes.

On the web you can find different patterns that you can make a loot box, you can also download it for free and put a design that suits your chosen themes

Example: Mickey Mouse

Find a nice background for your loot box.

Include event details and photos of the child.

Use a nice and readable font

Your loot box has a Mickey Mouse image

Print on selected printable paper using printer and pigment ink, set up the printer to high quality.

Assemble the loot box after printing use scissors or cutter to cut the extra edges, using double sided tape join your cut pattern to form the loot box.

This is how easy it is to make and build a costumized loot box

Beginners Tips to Layout Artist

Sample Tarpaulin Mickey Mouse Designs for First Birthday

Always save your work, If you encounter the same problem that stated above your past templates that you save will help you a lot, Show them your designs as their reference also it can save you a lot of time doing designs and lastly you can hold more client to come and finish all their inquiry in due date with minor editing.

Changing color this technique is very useful in terms of editing old designs.

A simple keyboard short cut  key do the job Ctrl+U (Hue and Saturation) will do the rest.

Today here are my sample Mickey Mouse Clubhouse design for Tarpaulin with a grand size of 5 feet in with by 4 feet in height it was nice to see a very cute and colorful Mickey mouse layout for christening.

In this Design i used a note hole serves as a frame for the picture. together i used a three photos at the bottom with a  yellow strokes on it, and i used one photo at the Center of the design for the top and the bottom of the design i used a black and red checkerboard layout to add more color to this layout. I hope you guy's like my sample layout design for tarpaulin with Mickey Mouse design on it with upcoming Christening of Enric Dela Peña.

So guys i hope you'll get a new ideas from this sample and i hope i can help you.

So Stay tuned for more of our sample Design that maybe release this following day.

Have a nice day to all and God Bless to everyone.

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