A very simple Angels and Cloud Invitation Design for Baptism

Angel Facts and Beliefs?

baptism invitations sample design
Baptism sample Invitation

The Angel is probably one of the longest-running myths known to all.

They are perhaps the most controversial fiction even in the bible and written.

No one can say that the angels are true but many will believe that it is the angels and messengers of god from heaven to give a message to the people.

There are different versions of the angels we know and they also have different definitions. 

Different Version of Angel's

Diy Invitation for Christening
Invitation for Christening


1. In Rome it is said that the angel was a creature with a human body and white wings. Wearing armor and holding a sword. Their old writings say that they were Soldiers and messengers of the gods in heaven.

2. In Ancient Greece in addition to their many mythical creatures, the angel was also one of their recognized mythical creatures where in addition to the armor the angel was riding on a white unicorn with wings and a symbol of war.

3. There are some places in the world where the angel is a woman, so most of the women's names are all over the world and are derived from the word Angel.

4. There are also those who say that the Angel is a baby, God says in the bible that the angels are young and are loved by the lord.

Most man-made sculptures are little angel children and hold a Harp (a type of musical string instrument).

Angel's as Decorational Arts

Free printable party and party decorations for an angel party. You can download the printables on your computer and print them yourself.
Angels and Clouds Invitation Layout for Christening

Once upon a time people really loved to make different kinds of arts and sculptures based on their imagination.

Currently there are many images and sculptures made of various materials in the form of Angel.

1. Garden Most of the luxurious and royal households today have a garden in their yard, here you will find a variety of amazing garden designs they often add water feature to their yard and sculptures.

Here you will often find a strange and beautiful water fountain made of limestones sculpture with the image of angels.

Angel's Baptism Party Ideas

Very Simple Baptismal Invitation Design
Very Simple Baptismal Invitation Design

One of the best things happens to our life is to be baptize and undergo to a sacred ceremony to be part of a religion where your parents choose.

The growth of a child also depends on what particular religion do you have, For example if your a Muslim the growth of a child depends on what they believed, they eat and later on it also depends what particular job you may have in your future.

Mostly the owner of the company choose to have an employees with their the same religion and to help their race and kind.

In today's topic here i would like to share to you a very basic and simple template design for baptism for invitation with angels and clouds design.

Angels are messenger that sent and came from God, they delivered news and message that gods wants you to do.

In this sample Angels and cloud invitational template for baptism you will notice here that i created a very simple and easy to construct invitational design that you may applied to your working template and in your particular events.

You will see that on the top and at the lower portion of this layout well at in this point here i include to have a white polka dot design with light blue colors served as my main color themes foe this design because the color of White is the color that symbolize cleanse and purity and light blue is a color of new life that came from above, meanwhile for the background here i choose to select a stripped white and sky blue color combination since we choose this two main color as our theme and here i decided to add some cloud clip-art and angel design that you may easily downloaded from the web and add the photos of the celebrants that their parents provided and lastly here i add the details that they gave to me in addition to be finalized here i include to have a angel hello to make this baptism invitation looks great and quite unique. 

Christening Invitation Blue Angel 

This sample invitation for baptism is applicable to young boy celebrants.

So this is it guy's, well i hope you'll learn something new from our today's discussions and i hope you will be back for more of creative and awesome design that randomly released this following days.

Have a nice day to everyone keep safe and god bless to every each of you.

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