Insight Flowers and Butterflies Photo Album Design for First Birthday

Flowers and Butterfly Sample Template Design

Flowers and Butterfly First Birthday Layout Designs

Hello there and welcome to this amazing blog where you can find and get different themes and layout design that might you need in making your personalized template for different occasion that you may use. 

In today's topic here i created a three different layout for photo album design.

In this sample design they are almost similar in pattern but with different color theme aspect.

I used different color aspect because it was suitable for the flowers and butterfly themes.

Here are some basic tips in creating your personalized flower and butterflies themes design.

Sample Template Flowers and Butterfly

Tip #1 Use a colorful color

Flowers and Butterfly has many color.

For the frame and background it was allowed to used a colorful color that was related to those themes.

Green, Yellow, Blue, Red is the best and most advisable color you may used in your personalized template. 

Tip #2 Shinny Effects

You may used some Shinny effect or add glowing effect on your theme layout especially some glittery effects and glowing effects. 

Flowers and Butterfly Themes Template

Tip #3 Add Some Design

Here you may add some design in your template like Flowers Butterfly circular floral frame.

Adding some downloadable design and add to your template makes your design looks great.

Tip #4 Used Best Quality of Photos

If your looking for the best result you may used the best quality photos that capture through your camera and phones.

Tip #5 The Size

Please use the proper size in your template before creating your design to avoid photo distortion, pix-elation and photo blurriness.

So I hope you guys like my sample Photo Album Template with flowers and butterfly themes for album exclusively for first birthday.

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