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Basketball League Flyer Design

Basketball Open league poster
Sample Basketball Invitational Flyers

Facts about Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular game in the world where it was developed all over the years and make it a sports.
In the past decades people played this games with a simple basket and a coconut served as a ball.

The objective of the game is very simple to shoot the ball over the basket of the enemy.

The more you shoot the ball, the more scores you gain and becomes the winner.

At that time, it was been played by 3 versus 3 and there are only few rules in this game.

The rules was change over the past years and it becomes official.

People all over the world loves to play basketball it can give you a lot of health benefits and can boost up your immune system.

In this sample basketball flyers that i created.

How to create personalized Basketball League flyers

A very unique red and yellow combination flyer designs for open cup that will be given into different baranggay (the smallest unit of the community) to join and participate the events.

In this template here i created a ball with fire effect it signifies every hot played that both team will shown.

For the font here i use a black decorative font that was easily downloaded from internet for free.

A silhouette basketball team images that i was also include to add more details to the invitational flyers that i was actually made.

You will also notice that i include the details especially the place where the open basketball tournament will be held to give a right information to the readers on what particular place should they go.

My clients also wants his name to be included to that particular design to know who was the founder of this open cup basketball tournament and lastly the cost per team who wants to join to this event.

The cost per team will be collected and this collected fee will be the source of their price at the end of the tournament.

This template was so very easy to make with a paper size of A4

210 mm by 297 mm with 300 resolution and a color mode of rgb it was very suitable to print on your own personal printer.

Basketball Team Tarpaulin Design
Basketball Team Tarpaulin Design

You can also made a tarpaulin layout banner for your team after winning the league.

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