Blue Bear Tarpaulin Template for Christening

Bear Tarpaulin template for Christening

Sample Tarpaulin Layout Design for Christening
Sample Tarpaulin Design for Christening Blue Bear

Hello and welcome to this one of amazing blog site that gives a lot of design and template that you may used in your next occasional events.

Hundredths of unique design that you first time see in here so for new readers and visitors please enjoy this blog. Today i have a very special tarpaulin that perfectly build for christening events here is my blue bear stripes sample tarpaulin design.

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In the past days i have a lots of works to be done so i try my best to published as much template as i can in my free hours.

In this sample tarpaulin design for christening here i make a very simple but cute in themes that was suitable for a very simple occasions.

Simple Bear Clouds Tarpaulin Template
Simple Bear Clouds Tarpaulin Template

In this sample template here i used a blue stripped as a background for the layout i cut the background of the celebrants main photos and i also put a three circular photo at the lower side of the layout, for the left and right side of the template i used a balloon clip art to add more design and on the top of this layout i used a white laces design.

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This design was so very simple and easy to construct even you can easily do it. However lots of parents spend their earnings to have even a small size tarpaulin for the christening of their very own sons because for them spending once in that particular materials gives them a complete occasion even though they have not enough budget.
Bear tarpaulin Layout Design
Bear tarpaulin Layout Design for first Birthday

If you like this sample design please keep supporting this first ever layout template site that gives a lot of information and to help a lot of people all over the world in creating their personalized template design for their very special occasions have a nice day to everyone and god bless to every each of you.


  1. hello. i like this design. is there a PSD copy of this?

  2. hello. i like this design. is there a PSD copy of this? Please po

  3. hello. i like this design. is there a PSD copy of this? Please

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