PRINTABLE Hello Kitty Invitation for Birthday

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Simple Hello Kitty Invitation for Seventh Birthday

Having a wonderful birthday party makes our child happy,

As a parents we give as much as we could to prepare for his or her once in a lifetime birthday party events.
Based on our child favorite and hobbies, We can easily guest and get the themes and design that our child wants to have.
In our today's topic here i show you my past template design of Hello Kitty sample invitation designs for seventh birthday.
Every girls all over the globe knows hello kitty, it is a cute imaginary character that Sanrio company has created.
It was started when they selling children's scandals and footwear.

They noticed that they gain more profitable sales in selling toddlers footwear with cute design on it and they hired many graphic artist and they developed hello kitty.
Every kids now a day knows Hello Kitty because as of now not even the sandals or footwear you see hello kitty you will also see them in different mechanized such as toy figure, dolls, curtain, clothes , underwear in household you see Hello Kitty design in mugs , clocks, spoon, plates and even in schools such as erasers, notebooks and pencils. Now a days the Sanrio company earns a billion of income every year with this cute Hello Kitty.
So many business financier take advantage of this stuff and developed and think of other way on how to earn money from this imaginary characters.
For me as a layout artist many clients from all people around the world requesting a sample design for invitation and tarpaulin for birthday or christening with Hello Kitty Template so i earn and have an extra income in making those tarpaulin designs. One technique that i actually love in making template is to used my past design and layout and remodeled it to a new layout and that gives me the easiest way to earn profit from this method.
So i recommended to every each of Inspired amateur or professional layout artist to save your past design and templates and it will gives you a lot of many benefits to save money, time and energy by performing a minor editing to your past design. In this sample hello kitty seventh birthday invitational design here i show you that rebuild my past template and make a new layouts for my client.
✅ I ask some good quality of photograph of the celebrants for much better result.
A good quality of photos came from your digital cameras and high pixelated camera phones but the parents of the celebrants said that this are only photos that they have so i ask them first if it is OK for them to used this photos in their personalized invitation and they both agree.
The primary agenda of this blog site is to get a creative ideas from different design that you may used in your working template.
✅ You will notice that i used a pink background for this invitation and a Hello Kitty design as a themes because the celebrants want it so much.
✅ In this Hello Kitty invitation card that i made here i created a standard size of invitation which is 4 inches in height and 6 inches in width.
You must also check the resolutions of your template which is 300 and the colour mode which is RGB.
✅ To give more dramatic effect on your invitation you must download some cool fonts that was totally free in the internet and some cute hello kitty clip-art image that may used in your invitation template.
Be sure that you must always save your work and backup with usb or external drive disk .
✅ I used a pinkish heart shaped scalloped designs that was placed on the top part and at the lower part of the layout this serves as a border designs to this Hello Kitty Seventh birthday invitation.
✅ Using clipping mask tools on Adobe Photoshop I inserted the photos of the birthday celebrants images inside a yellow circle. 

Hello Kitty Invitation for Seventh Birthday

Frequently Asked Questions

 • What is the proper resolution in making your personalized Hello Kitty Seventh Birthday Invitation?


 • Set your invitation to 300 resolution while making your personalized Seventh Birthday invitation In Adobe Photoshop

Click Edit -> Edit Image -> Resolution In this way you can change your layouts resolution. 

Top 10 most chosen Birthday Designs for Invitation

Best Hello Kitty Invitation for Birthday


10. Lego – For Male celebrants, Lego designs is one of the most chosen birthday party designs. It is one of the most intellectual birthday party ideas when you combine Lego to your birthday party games

And it is one of the most colorful invitation you can choose.
9. Safari – If you like nature birthday party events, Safari is the top of the list animals, plants, trees are some of the images you can include to your invitation.
8. Disney Cars – We all know that most kids loves cars, So here is one of the most perfect birthday themes for young boys. With his Hot red colour, this themes was suitable for your sons birthday, So grab and get this Disney Cars birthday themes and apply for your invitation.
7. Flowers and Butterflies – Since most people loves flowers so much they apply this themes to birthday party ideas and it become more and more popular all over the world. So you better to choose flowers and butterflies birthday themes for your daughters and have a fresh and scented invitation for your daughters birthday.
6. Mickey Mouse – The one and only classic birthday party themes suitable for male and female celebrants.
5. Minnie Mouse - One of the most popular birthday themes for daughters. If you like Pink or Red birthday party themes Minnie Mouse is one of the top of the list.

4. Sofia the First – A purple princess invades the world of birthday party events, Suitable for inspiring young princess with his purple gown Sofia the first is one of the most popular television series that every kids loves.
3. Barbie – If your looking for fashionable birthday themes Barbie is one of the top of the list.
2. Disney Princess – Every girls wants to experience to be a princess someday. Now here is your chance to give this once in a lifetime Disney Princess birthday party themes.
1. Hello Kitty – Classic, Popular, Cute, This are some factors why Hello Kitty is one of the most chosen birthday themes that many people choose.
The availability of birthday material for this themes was so high you can easily buy and get Hello kitty birthday materials you may used in your birthday party events.

Hello Kitty Invitation for Birthday

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Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation

We all know that we can get many Hello Kitty invitation layout ideas in the internet for FREE!.

But unfortunately it was hard to look for the editable files.

You can easily manage and manipulate the design to your desire if you have the editable files.

But instead of searching for the Hello Kitty invitation .PSD files we must build a new layout from scratch.

In this way you can share this files to your friends, relatives and colleagues.

How to build Hello Kitty Invitation from scratched

In the samples above here we slice up this Hello Kitty Invitation for Birthday so we can produced to build and create a new custom layout for our child's birthday.

1. Let's open our photo editing software Here I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS 3 Portables versions any version is applicable as long as you know how to used its basic function.

2. Set up the Desire size in this layout here I used to have a simple 4R Hello Kitty Invitation, It was composed of 6 Inches in Height by 4 inches wide.

3. Setting up the proper resolution makes your invitation looks awesome.
Here I used to have 300 Resolution its one of the most recommended value for setting up the invitations resolution.

4. Select the best background for your invitation, look for large image and select the background according to gender and based on its themes color.

At the layout above since the celebrants was a female and the birthday themes Was Hello Kitty it is much better to used this Pinkish sky with clouds as my main background for this Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation.

Visualization the output makes for you to easier build a unique birthday invitation template.

Here I visually wants a floating Hello Kitty in the sky with balloons and gifts.

5. Adding cute photos of the birthday celebrants in your working Hello Kitty invitation makes the design complete.

In this case here i place the photos of the birthday celebrants in the middle portion of the template in a circular label.

6. Selecting a nice font is also a key to have better output.

Much better if you select bold and readable font rather than calligraphy font style for the sake of the recipient of your invited person then them to easily read and understand the correct details of the event.

7. Adding effects to the selected font style is one great keys to enhanced your ability in designing. Much better of you blend it well.

Followed this basic this simple steps to create you're Personalized Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Template

List Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas Design and Layout

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Very Simple Invitation Hello Kitty

So here guys i hope you learn something new from our topic and get some ideas from this sample design i hope that you will be back for more of creative design and templates that randomly released this following days. Have a nice day to everyone keep safe and god bless. See you next time guys and have a nice day. 

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