Insight Hello Kitty Album Design Template

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Photo Album First Page Sample Design for Christening

One of the most famous themes in christening was Hello Kitty design, Because it was so cute Hello Kitty was popular all over the world no one didn't know how is hello Kitty i wish movie company develop Hello Kitty movies and i think it will give a big impact to movie industries. 

This is sample Cover design, First page and Last page of the photo album template. In this first page of the photo album, in this design for christening it was very simple but very adorable cute in look For the first page of the album the top and the bottom border here they used a wavy pinkish heart shape. here they choose a cutest photo of the celebrants as a main photo of the template and make a circular effect with transparent stroke and black dark shadows on it. they also put a two rectangular photo at the bottom side of the template with transparent stroke and they put a very simple but cute Hello Kitty clip art to be consistent to the themes of the album.

Like i always said on my past post a good quality of design and template comes from a good quality of the photo of which the client provided so if you gonna make a sample photo album cover you must request a good and high quality picture of the celebrants so you can have a better and good quality output. 

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Sample Photo Album Cover Hello Kitty Template for Christening

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Sample Photo Album Last Page Design for Christening

For the photo cover here they use a rectangular design for the main photo of the cover with three small circular frames on it with red, yellow and pink stroke same design that used in first page of the layout  a pinkish strife and white color for the background and a pinkish wavy heated shape for the border on the top and on the bottom of the design.

And for the last page template same method with the front page but with bluish hello Kitty design served as a background. 

Hello Kitty was the best seller fictional characters in the market with over $3 billions worth of sale every year.

So if you rather to choose this theme in christening for your event it is the easiest way to achieved a great and better occasion because you can easy provide all the materials that you may need.

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Christening comes once in a lifetime it is a ritual that a person becomes a Christianity by the process of baptism, as a parent they celebrate this very precious moment for their child.

So i hope you'll get a new ideas from this sample Hello Kitty template from this sample and i hope you'll be back for more of sample design that randomly released this following days. 

Have a nice day to everyone and god bless to every each of you. Have Event's to everyone.

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