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Magicians is the most awaited part of the occasions.

This is one exciting part of every events where you see many children who attended and different kinds of guest where amazed to the performance of the magician, there are three parts in performing a magical show.

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The first part was a common trick where you already know what will happened next in the show.

The second part is where the performer show the audience that he can show and comes out unbelievable things like duck, Snake, chicken etc. in the blink of an eye in this part the you will get audience attentions the third part of the show is where there magician comes to the magic where no one can ever see.

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Some magician used audience participation and the other called it Close Up magic trick, Another trick that will amazed the audience is Visual Magic where you performed a kind magic that used their visual senses to fool them.

Classic magic like the cups and balls is one of the oldest tricks in the world where thousands of people amazed even though they watched it over and over again, in this trick the performers has a lot of talent skills to deliberate and communicate to audience believing them to fool them and has a lot of talent in ball handing skills. In ancient times Magician relates to a kind of devil era where alchemist, witch and wizard are rule.

Most people are scared from them because they do some unbelievable things that they think they came from hell.
Card trick is one of the most famous magic of all time you need to spend a lot of time and effort practicing this kind of trick proper card handling and deliberation is a key for a good performance.

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