Best Design for Seventh Birthday Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Sample Album Design Page 1

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Hello and welcome to this amazing sites where you can grab and get design and ideas from our Finest Collection of design that might be fit to your Events and Occasion for the past years I've collected and posted here most of my design that help people though out the world in problems with their occasional templates design, I have tons of viewers each and everyday and some of them requested a unique design for their special someone.

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Today we have a very special topic that most viewers requested it so much a sample design of complete set of 20 pages with photo cover Photo Album design for seventh birthday. 

          In this topic here are the sample design of photo cover for photo album with completed details and first page up to last pages of the design with strawberry shortcake themes. 

          For the main page of the design here on the left part of the page  created a full strawberry shortcake template design for seventh birthday.

When you gonna closeup look to this design if you gonna follow those tips i gave to you on my previous post you'll see  how it was done 

Tip #1 The size 

The size of your first page should meet the size of your actual desire size in your photo album it is the basic parts in creating your photo album template for your photo album with strawberry shortcake themes for seventh birthday if you just know how to size your template there is no need to worry about photo distortion, photo pixelated and prevents photo blur your design will be sharp and you will get a nice and clear output.

Tip #2 Color Combination

The color combination depends upon the themes of what the celebrants they used.

In this sample page here color light green just like a color of strawberry and reddish color is more applicable to this Photo Album template for seventh birthday. 

Tip #3 Primary Photo

In making your photo album first and last pages always be sure that you may used the most beautiful photo for this it will give a photo album a good impressions to the one who see Album just like a book first and the ending part is the best.  

Tip #4 The Elements

Use necessary elements that was related to the themes in this example i used a strawberry texture and place in the number 7 to add more design to the numbers font, a vines clip art, a logo of the themes and some character according to the motif of the event.

Strawberry Shortcake photo album second page and third page for photo album for seventh birthday  

            For the second page of the design template and for the third page here you see the food that the celebrant server and provided to the guest and visitors and for the third page of the album you will we the set up for his birthday celebrant you need to layout your pages correctly to the size so you gonna cut those template in half later and put it in your photo album.

Strawberry Shortcake photo album Fourth page and Fifth page for photo album for seventh birthday

            In this sample design above you will see that i combine the fourth and fifth pages of the album ill cut those template after it was printed and put up in photo album. the fourth page was composed of family photo with Strawberry shortcake design her mother father sister and brother well as on the fifth pages more photo shoots of the birthday celebrants.

Strawberry Shortcake photo album sixth page and seventh page for photo album for seventh birthday

         Take a look at the template above the sixth page on the left part of the design you will see a strawberry shortcake themes design for her 6 gift events all the best photo of the celebrants with gifts on his hands.

While on the seventh page a collection of design and photo while on his cake and cupcake.

          Meanwhile on the photo template below where the eight page and the ninth page was design here we are created a collection of 7th dance template where the celebrants and 7th guest appeared and dance with the birthday celebrants. 

Strawberry Shortcake photo album page 8 and page 9 for photo album for seventh birthday

          This photo below composed of visitors, classmates and friends layout for pages 10 and 11 with the celebrant and Strawberry Shortcake Themes while having fun in that particular events.

Strawberry Shortcake photo album page 10 and page 11 for photo album for seventh birthday

The Photo below was a photo template design for photo album for seventh birthday with a collection of 7th Wish and 7th Blue Bills in this design we separated those two photo template in different page to determine who and what was he or she participating in that particular events.

Strawberry Shortcake photo album page 12 and page 13 for photo album for seventh birthday

           This page was so important to the celebrant where you can see a design the people who participating and performing in that event

Page 13 and 14 Album Design


         The singer, some volunteer dancer this page design was very important to because you see there who are the person that gave a life in that event the people who really gave enjoyment to your occasion so that is why you need to thanks to all those people someday.

Page 15 and 16 Album Design

       Dancer gave an entertainment to your guest, as well as singer.

The Host is a life in every occasion so you better have a good MC to your events. Magician and  Ventriloquist is one main factor that most event of the day give life and soul.

The photo below is a collection design template for pages 17 and 18 where as you can see it is a collection of photo and design with some visitors and family relatives  so that the celebrants have acknowledge someday who are those person who has attending his birthday.

Page 17 and 18 Album Design

      Someday when this little princess grows big she see the effort and love that this family and relatives gave to him. so that's why this pages was so very important to this themes template Photo Album.

Last Page

        The Last Part of the page was very important look out for the good quality of photo the best and the finest and used it on the last pages you you can gain a happy ending photo album Template design for seventh birthday.

         In this sample Template for the Last page here i used a same concept of design with Strawberry Shortcake themes.

Please follow the basic simple Tips that i gave to you earlier  and it will give to you a nice and good looking layout design.

         Color Blending, Themes Elements, good quality of Photos are basic steps but it can make a lot of big difference when you try to make a personalized design template for any occasion that you have.

          Lastly the photo below was a photo album cover well it is up to you if  you want to make a photo album with photo cover on the top. Just make sure that you have to check the size first before making a design and always make sure that you must always save your work it is very important to everyone.

Photo Cover Template

         So Guys I hope   you like my sample photo album with Strawberry Shortcake Themes Photo Album for Seventh Birthday.

I hope you guys like my sample and guys please keep supporting this blog to help more people all over the world in problem with their design

Have a nice day to every each of you and see you next time for more of Exciting design that i will release this following days randomly to help everyone.

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