Best Pororo Photo booth Layout

 Sample Pororo photobooth design for birthday

Sample Pororo Photo booth Layout

Sample Pororo Photo booth Layout

How to create Pororo Photo booth layout for Christening

To create a delightful Pororo-themed photo booth layout for a christening, follow these steps:


  • Use a vibrant blue backdrop to represent the sky or Pororo's icy home. Alternatively, choose a backdrop featuring Pororo's village or the snowy mountains.
  • Decorate the backdrop with character cutouts, snowflakes, and colorful balloons to create a playful and festive atmosphere.


  • Provide Pororo-themed props such as hats, masks, and accessories with images of Pororo, Crong, Poby, or other characters from the show.
  • Include soft plush toys of the characters for guests to hold and pose with during their photo sessions.

Pororo Character Standees:

  • Create life-sized standees or large cutouts of Pororo and his friends. These standees should be strategically placed around the photo booth area to provide guests with opportunities for interactive and fun photo opportunities.

Themed Balloon Arch:

  • Design a balloon arch using colors that match Pororo's adventurous and cheerful vibes. Combine blue, yellow, red, and green balloons to create an eye-catching entrance to the photo booth area.

Signage and Frames:

  • Design and print signs or frames that incorporate the Pororo logo and phrases like "Happy 1st Birthday" or "Pororo's Winter Wonderland." These signs can be used to direct guests or enhance the overall theme of the booth.

Winter Decorations:

  • Integrate winter-themed decorations like artificial snow, snowflakes, or icicle garlands to create a wintry feel reminiscent of Pororo's adventures in the snowy landscape.


  • Use soft, cool-toned lighting to mimic the appearance of a wintry scene. Consider using LED string lights, spotlights, or snowflake light projectors to create a whimsical ambiance.

Digital Effects and Overlays:

  • Incorporate digital effects and overlays like falling snowflakes or a Pororo-themed photo frame that can be added to the photos digitally, either during the session or in post-production.

Ensure that the photo booth area is well-lit, clearly marked, and easily accessible for guests to enjoy the Pororo-themed experience.

Sample Pororo Photobooth design for christening

Encourage guests to unleash their creativity and capture precious memories during the christening celebration with Pororo!

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