Filipiniana Wedding Photo booth layout Design


Filipiniana Wedding Photo booth layout Design

Is Portrait orientation applicable for wedding photo booth layout for wedding?


We have a habit of always doing landscape orientation when it comes to wedding photo booth layout and often the design we do is strip type with three shots mirror but in our sample that you can see above, our couple celebrants chose a portrait orientation as their photo souvenirs for their guests and visitors.

Filipiniana Photo booth layout

Nowadays many wedding couples think of unique themes for their wedding.

Some of the popular wedding themes are as follows 
Sage green 
White Gold 
Gold Burgundy floral And 

Of all the wedding themes I have mentioned, Filipino is one of the most expensive wedding themes because of the props and design used in it. 

Here the organizers use the old windows frame made of wood and kapis these are the ancient windows of the Spanish colonial period.

This is the window used by ancient houses, establishments, hotels and restaurants here in the Philippines.

Today you rarely see traditional ancestral houses.

Re Used Filipiniana Photo Booth Layout

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