Tayo The Little Bus Photobooth Template

 Sample Tayo the little bus photobooth design

Tayo the Little Bus Editable Photobooth Template
Tayo the Little Bus Editable Photo booth Template

Tayo the Little Bus Editable Photo booth Template $3 USD
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Whether you're hosting a birthday party or special event, a Tayo the Little Bus themed photo booth can make a fun and memorable souvenir for your guests.

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Tayo the Little Bus photobooth design

This vibrant and playful image is a personalized dedication and birthday celebration poster for a child named Kim Yeonwoo. Set against a bright blue background, the theme prominently features colorful cartoon buses from the beloved children's series "Tayo the Little Bus."

The top of the poster shares a warm message, "Thank you for coming," adorned with traffic light graphics for an added playful touch. Three large white rectangular frames are positioned below this message, presumably for inserting photos. 

The central part of the poster highlights the event details with the text "Kim Yeonwoo: Dedication and 2nd Birthday" in bold, cheerful lettering. Around this central theme are several smaller framed photos and images of animated buses, including friendly characters like Tayo and his friends, adding a joyful and festive feel to the poster. 

At the bottom right corner, the date of the celebration is noted as "July 30, 2023." 

This colorful and expressive design captures the essence of a joyous occasion, blending personal photos with beloved children's characters to create a memorable keepsake for Kim Yeonwoo's special day.

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