Editable Royal Prince Photobooth Layout


Elegant Royal Prince Photobooth Template

Elegant Royal Prince Photobooth Template

Elegant Royal Prince Photobooth Template $3 USD
Specification (Royal Prince, Editable, Elegant, Photobooth, Template .PSD format)

Here's a template for a Royal Prince-themed photo booth:

This photo booth template is perfect for a Royal Prince-themed event. It features an elegant blue and gold color scheme, with ornate frames and crown accents. The template will add a touch of regal charm to any occasion, making your guests feel like royalty as they pose for memorable photos.


  1. Download and print the template from the provided link.
  2. Set up a photo booth area with a backdrop that complements the Royal Prince theme, such as a castle or crown patterned fabric.
  3. Attach the template to a wooden or cardboard frame of your desired size and shape. Leave space in the middle for guests to pose.
  4. Set up a table nearby with props like crowns, scepters, and royal accessories.
  5. Encourage guests to use the props and strike their best royal poses in front of the template.
  6. Capture their photos using a camera or smartphone.
  7. Share the photos instantly with guests or compile them into a digital or physical album as a keepsake.

Remember to have fun and create a memorable experience for your guests with this Royal Prince photo booth template! Enjoy the regal vibes and the wonderful photos it will produce.

Royal Prince Photobooth Layout

Royal Prince Photobooth Layout

Royal Prince Photobooth Layout $3 USD
Specification (Royal Prince, Navy Blue, Elegant, Photobooth, .PSD format)

Here's a layout suggestion for a royal prince-themed photobooth:

Backdrop: Start with a luxurious deep blue or purple velvet curtain backdrop. You can add golden accents or props such as royal crowns or crests for an extra touch of elegance.

Props: Provide a variety of props that reflect the royal prince theme. Here are some ideas:

  • Golden crowns or tiaras
  • Royal scepters or swords
  • Velvet capes or robes
  • Masquerade masks
  • A miniature castle or throne prop
  • Feathered fans

Frames and Signs: Add some decorative frames and signs to enhance the photo experience. Consider the following:

  • Elegant golden frames for guests to hold or pose with
  • Custom signs with phrases like "Capture Your Royal Charm" or "Strike a Royal Pose"

Themed Accessories: Include thematic accessories that guests can wear or hold for a fun twist:

  • Jeweled necklaces or bracelets
  • Royal themed headpieces such as tiaras or fascinators
  • Prince or princess hats
  • Fake mustaches or beards for a royal look

Photo Station: Set up a professional camera with proper lighting. Consider using a photo booth software that allows guests to take their own photos, print or share them digitally. Add a small table with props and frames nearby.

Remember to consider the size of your space and the number of expected guests to ensure everyone can enjoy the photobooth comfortably. Have fun capturing royal memories!

Free Royal Prince Photobooth Layout

Sample Royal Prince Photobooth Layout

Sample Royal Prince Photobooth Layout

Certainly! Here's a sample template for a royal prince photobooth:

Royal Prince Photobooth Template

[Add description/photos of the background here]

- Crowns: Choose from a variety of crown designs, such as gold, silver, or jeweled crowns.
- Scepters: Provide decorative scepters for guests to hold in their photos.
- Capes and Robes: Offer regal capes and robes made from luxurious fabrics.
- Royal Accessories: Include items like royal swords, decorative shields, or knight helmets for guests to pose with.
- Royal Pets: Place plush or toy versions of royal pets like dragons or corgis for guests to include in their photos.

Photo Frames
- Ornate Golden Frame: Use an ornate golden frame with intricate details to frame the subjects.
- Crown-shaped Frame: Include a crown-shaped frame for guests to hold up and pose behind.

- Royal Banners: Hang banners with phrases like "Welcome to the Royal Court" or "Pose like a Prince" to create an immersive atmosphere.
- Drapes and Tassels: Use velvet or satin drapes in royal colors like deep red or purple, and add golden tassels for an elegant touch.
- Throne or Royal Chair: Set up a throne or a royal chair as a focal point for guests to pose on.

Pose Ideas
- The Royal Wave: Encourage guests to wave gracefully, as if greeting their loyal subjects.
- The Knight Pose: Suggest guests strike a strong pose with a prop sword and shield, showing off their bravery.
- The Royal Portrait: Ask guests to pose as if they were getting their official portrait painted, with a dignified and elegant expression.

Feel free to personalize this template by adding or modifying props and decorations based on your specific vision for the royal prince photobooth. Enjoy the regal experience!

Remember to adapt the template to fit the resources and space you have available. 

Have a wonderful time setting up your royal prince-inspired photobooth!

Seventh birthday Royal Prince Photobooth Design

How about a majestic and enchanting Royal Prince themed photobooth design for your child's seventh birthday? Here's a suggested design concept:

For your little prince's seventh birthday, we can create a stunning royal prince photobooth design that will make the celebration unforgettable. Here's a description of the design:


  • Use a regal blue satin fabric as the background.
  • Add some golden accents like tassels or shimmering curtains to enhance the royal feel.


  • Crown: Provide a variety of crown props in different sizes and styles. Let the kids feel like true princes.
  • Swords and Shields: Include foam swords and shields with elaborate patterns to complete the royal theme.
  • Royal Attire: Offer capes, robes, and princely costumes for the children to wear in the photobooth.
  • Scepter: Have a beautiful golden scepter that the kids can hold while posing for photos.


  • Balloons: Use blue, gold, and silver balloons to match the royal color scheme.
  • Banners: Hang banners with phrases like "Happy 7th Birthday, Prince [Your Child's Name]!" to personalize the photobooth.
  • Throne: Place a small throne chair as a prop for the kids to sit and pose on.


  • Photo Frames: Provide a selection of elegant photo frames for the children to hold in their pictures.
  • Posing Signs: Create signs with fun phrases like "Strike a Royal Pose" or "Ready to Rule" to inspire playful poses.


  • Fairy Lights: Hang fairy lights around the photobooth area to create a magical ambiance.
  • Spotlight: Focus a spotlight on the photobooth to make it the center of attention.

With this royal prince photobooth design, the kids will have a blast capturing memorable moments at the party. Remember to have a dedicated photographer or designate someone to take pictures during the event. Happy birthday to your little prince! 🎉👑📸

Very Simple Royal Prince Photobooth Design

Very Simple Royal Prince Photobooth Design

Sure, here's a very simple design for a Royal Prince Photobooth:


  1. Background: Choose a deep royal blue or burgundy fabric as the backdrop. This will create an elegant and regal atmosphere.
  2. Props:

    • Provide a crown for the guests to wear. You can opt for a single crown or a few different styles, such as gold or silver crowns with faux gemstones.
    • Include royal accessories like scepters, capes, and regal robes for guests to borrow and wear.
    • Place a small royal signage, such as "His Majesty's Photobooth," to add a touch of authenticity.
  3. Frame:

    • Use a simple gold or silver frame without too much decorative detailing.
    • Consider adding a velvet or satin ribbon bow at the top center of the frame for a subtle touch of luxury.
  4. Prince-themed photo props:

    • Offer stick-on mustaches and beards for guests to pose with.
    • Provide cardboard or plastic tiaras for that royal touch.
    • Add props such as swords, shields, and royal staffs for added fun and excitement.
  5. Throne:

    • Place a decorated chair or throne in the photobooth area, allowing guests to feel like royalty.
    • Enhance the throne's appearance by adding a few luxurious cushions, faux fur throws, or drapes.

Remember, simplicity can still create an elegant and regal atmosphere. Focus on using royal colors and incorporating key props to make your prince's photobooth memorable and regal. Enjoy the celebration!

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