5 Simple steps to choose the Head Nut for your motorcycle

Head Nut Review for Motorcycle

Problems in choosing a proper head nut for your motorcycle?

For our first post here i discussed to you the best way on how to choose your head nut for your motorcycle

The video above shows a demonstration of actual head nut bolt that you can purchased.

First we need to know what is head nut and the purpose of it in your motorcycle?

The head nut bolts are made of high-quality steel designed to withstand high torque and temperature.

Head nut bolts are a must have for any engine builder.

They are made of high quality steel with a chrome finish.

Here are a simple steps in selecting a proper head nut for your motorcycle 

1. Identify your motorcycle brand and model in this way it was easier for you to search for the appropriate head nut brand and variation of color and design that will fit on tread on your motorcycle and its model.

2. Color Variation Selecting a color of head nut that matches on your motorcycle colors makes you more happy. It was very noticeable when upgrading your motorcycle parts.

3.Head Nut Brand it is one of the most important thing you need to know about. Selecting a proper brand of head nut gives you more confident while riding on your motorcycle and you give value to your money.

4.Quality In most online store you must read other peoples review and ratings regarding the product before buying or purchasing, sometimes products that was so cheap means low quality because of mass production.

5. Stocks and Quantity One of the advantages if you know the quantity and stocks of the product is that "The more stocks that the supplier has the more chance that they can ship out your parcel immediately.

What is the Best Head nut brand and price worth?

Quality Head Nut for Different Motorcycle model
Head Nut for Different Motorcycle model

Now a days Heng and Sc Siam are two leading company that provides quality head nut bolt for yamaha mio, suzuki raider, honda wave, m3, fi, honda click brand of motors in asia.

Heng company provides a flower type of head nut bolt with two color variation which is silver and gold while Sc Siam company produced a gear type with amazing silver grove design.

Gold Head nut bolt for Zoomer, wave ,m3, click
Heng Gold Head Nut 

Heng provides different head nut and style for different motorcycle brands.

Above image you will notice that this head nut was uncommon in style and look.

It was design for Zoomer, Honda Wave 110i, Honda Click and Honda Click-I, M3.

For the price it only cost approximately around $9.00 or 450 Php.

To buy this head nut

Click on this

Shopee Link

Raider Gold and Silver Head nut
Gold Raider Head Nut

Heng manufacture raider head nut with two color variation which is gold and silver white.

The set of Heng raider head nut was total of 4 bolts like the sample above.

For the price the set of raider head nut cost you for around $10 Usd or 500 Php

You can purchased this Heng Gold and Silver Head nit on the link

Click here

Sample Silver Raider Head Nut Bolt
Silver Raider Head Nut Bolt

If you always do is clean your raider motorcycle then this silver color of heng head nut variation was recommended to you also using a silver head nut on dark color motorcycle becomes more noticeable in look

Same price as the gold variation and you can also click on this link to buy this head nut

Click here

Best selling Heng Gold Head Nut
Heng Gold Head Nut

Another best selling Heng Head Nut bolt was gold, On the above sample this nut has two variation that heng manufacture the gold and silver. This head nut bolt was suitable for Mio, M3, Mio Sporty, Mio Soul, Mio Amore motorcycle.

If you loved this heng brand you can purchased on the link below

Click here

CNC Gear type Head Nut Bolt

Above photos shows a unique gear type design of head nut produced by Sc Siam Company for Mio, M3, Mio Sporty, Mio Soul, Mio Amore this CNC head nut was the best and suits you. Many people loves to buy this and almost out of stock in the market.

For me if you have a light color of Yamaha Mio and you want a clean good looking head nut then this one will be your best choice.

Click the link to purchased Sc Siam CNC Head Nut Bolt

Purpose of Head Nut on motorcycle

Head nut for motorcycle installed
CNC Head Nut installed Yamaha Mio 

Here is the actual photos of using 4 pieces of head nut on a motorcycle and how to apply them. The purposed of this 4 head nut was to secure and fasten the head cover and to your motorcycle engine.

You will also see that this 4 sided head nut bolts gives a lot of impressive look.

Covering your engine using head cover and head nut as a key to secure it gives your motorcycle a lot more protection from dirt's, water, and stain

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