IDEAL Lion King Birthday Party Layout

The Lion King Birthday Tarpaulin Design

Disneys created a very remarkable movie on the mid 90's entitled Lion King. The movie is all about the reign of animals where the main characters are safari animals such as lion that reign.

There are two main characters in this movie named Simba and Scar.

Simba is a male lion.

He is the king of Pride Rock who succeeded Scar.

He is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, and the mate of Nala, with whom he has a son, Kion, and a daughter, Kiara.

Shortly after his birth, Simba was anointed the future king of Pride Rock and presented to the animals of the Pride Lands and Taka, better known as Scar, was the main antagonist of The Lion King and The Lion Guard and a minor antagonist in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride and The Lion King 1½.

He was Simba's arch-nemesis and paternal uncle, Mufasa's younger brother and arch-rival, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed and the hyenas' former leader and boss, and Zira's friend.

In The Lion Guard, Scar was born under the name "Askari" after his ancestor, the original Askari, and was at one point selected as leader of the Lion Guard, a team of lions who would protect the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life, as part of a tradition to all second-born children of the king.

In the past years and until now The Lion King is very popular and one of the most famous movie of all time that Disney Pixar's ever been created.

You will also notice that the Lion King is one of the most chosen birthday themes in some part of the country because of its popularity. 

In the sample above you will see that here I used and replaced the photos oof a child wearing an animl costume such s Lions and tigers which is very applicable to the parents chosen birthday party themes with the celebrants face.

The Lion King Ideal Souvenir for Birthday

If your looking for idea souvenir for the Lion King birthday themes maybe you should considered ref magnet tags with personalized celebrants photos on it.

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