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Bidanamu Birthday Tarpaulin Design

Another Strange Birthday themes is my gift to you from our avid client who came from our face book page.

She asked and requested a unique birthday tarpaulin design Bidanamu for her son to use as an extra decoration for her daughters first birthday.

For the Birthday tarpaulin Layout design we made, I will divide It into different parts so that we fully understand how I do it.

Step 1 Correct Size

We have to follow the right size that our clients want to make because they have the right size to put it in.

Do not make a birthday tarpaulin based on your desire sizes.

Always think that they are the boss and you should respect their decision.

This time I made a layout measuring 3ft by 5ft or 36 inches by 60 inches.

Step 2 Correct Image Settings

Set the correct resolution of your layout to make it look good.

You can use from the range 75 to 100 any value between these two numbers.

Now that you have set the resolution you will use, this time you will set the color mode you will use.

It should be setup in CMYK or (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) because we will do large format we should just use this settings unlike if we are making an invitation or editing photos that we often use is RGB (Red, Green, Black) color Mode settings.

Step 3 Choosing the Right Background

Since given that our birthday party themes are provided by the parents of the celebrants we should choose the right and appropriate background for the Bidanamu themes.

This time I preferred the green fields background because I think it is appropriate and appropriate to use the background for the birthday tarpaulin we are going to make.

Step 4 Fonts

One of the big contributing fonts is nice for a birthday tarpaulin so you should choose fonts that are readable even from afar.

In this Birthday tarpaulin I used different font styles such as Cute Stitch, Grand Royal and Lazy Meow you can get it and download it for free in your web browser using the internet.

Simple Bidanamu Invitation for Christening and First Birthday
Simple Bidanamu Invitation for Christening and First Birthday


For the best free font website I highly recommended here I often pick up free font styles that I use in creating different layouts.

Step 5 Photos of Celebrants

Use the beautiful photos provided by the celebrants ’parents.

As much as possible, ask for a clear and good quality image from the parents of the celebrants.

For the beautiful outcome of your birthday tarpaulin

Bidanamu Invitation for Christening and First Birthday
Bidanamu Invitation for Christening and First Birthday


Step 6 Decorations

Apart from the Background images we chose, we also used floral decoration images placed in the corners of the celebrants photos, I also downloaded the Bidanamu .PNG file image in our browser and we also placed it as an additional design on our birthday tarp because these are the birthday themes chosen by the parents of the celebrants.

I also used colorful stripped as a border positioned at the top and bottom of our layout.

I also added cute star clipart images and banner design as extra decoration.

This is my basic 6 Steps way to create unique Birthday Tarpaulin design.

More unique FREE First Birthday Tarpaulin Template

Bidanamu Tarpaulin Design for Christening and First Birthday
Bidanamu Tarpaulin Design for Christening and First Birthday


Do you believe in superstitions?

Here i would like to share to you a short stories of my client its up to you if you believed it or not but i think this stories will catch up your attention.

I shared that it happened last 2 years ago.

Because I'm so excited about my husbands and my sons upcoming birthday, I'm thinking of planning and preparing little by little the things I need for the upcoming event, even if it's far away. And because it's also my brother-in-law's birthday, I also thought of putting all three of them together at my parents' house as the venue for the place to be spacious and big.

I am with my sister in planning what will be prepared, and we also want to have a special photoshoot with the celebrant, especially with the baby and his grandparents.

Im to much excited and i have lots of plans on that particular day.

February 14. My father died suddenly. All my plans crumbled and I gradually lost my appetite. Passed

I tried to continue the upcoming occasion even though I had lost my joy we had an argument with another of my younger sisters.

I got even angrier when I found out that her drunken bf got her pregnant.

Until ..

your long -awaited day has come ...

Many guests at my parents' house and I was busy with everything and stress in 3days decorating and when suddenly my pregnant sister came straight forward to my mom in the bedroom.

I didn't have time to talk to him because of the amount of work and visitors.

I just don't know.

That day is also the day he will disappear.

He was rushed to the hospital but was able to.

He and his 8-month-old baby were also aborted in the womb around 11pm on my husbands and sons birthday.

One of my sisters said that it was wrong to plan a party before the day, is that true?

Because it doesn't seem to continue?

Until now I have a phobia.

That I was traumatized by what happened.

Based on this stories its a coincidence no one wants to be in that particular situation and its up to them what they are thinking off but at least you try your best to be a good wife for your husband and your sons.

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