How to earn money From Birthday: Ultimate Guide

How to Earn Money from other people's Birthday?

Best Safari Birthday Tarpaulin Layout
Safari Birthday Tarpaulin Layout

Yes that is true! Based on my experience as a Layout artist here I will share to you how do i make money from other people's Birthday so you must read and fully understand the words that I stated here in order for you to earn and generate money as well.

Making Birthday Cake

Everyday lots of client inquiring how much does money cake worth,

Money cake is one of the most trending birthday cake nowadays, Where the celebrants pull the cake topper and surprising a money comes out inside the cake.

So this is your chance to earn money from other peoples birthday by selling your masterpiece money cake

If you have a skills in baking and artistry in designing providing birthday cake from  birthday is one way to generate incomes.

You can get lots of costumers from

1.) Facebook Group / Pages / 

2.) Friends / Acquittance

3.) Co Worker

4.) Neighborhood

5.) Relatives

Posting your Finished Cake to your social media account such as Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and etc.

Will add great help to get more client and add profitable profits.

Provide Different Layouts, Design and Printable

As you can see not all people has a talent and ability to do digital layouts that they used in that particular events.



Photo booth


Photo Album

Loot Bags


This are some customized digital layouts that you can provide and earn money from birthday.

How to give someone's money for their birthday?

If you want to give someone's money for their birthday it is much better to put it on an enveloped so no one can see through the amount that you gave to the celebrants, also to avoid jealousy and competion.


In one company if you gave $50 for every employee who works to your established business and then you gave $80 for employee with 7 children, no owned house, a simple janitor or security guard because you see a dedication and effort of that persons.

No matter the reasons what you have then you should gave him secretly with an enveloped talk to him and tell that this was private conversation between both of you.

In this way you will prevent other peoples to get jealous.

Other ways to generate profit

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