Outer Space Invitation Design for First Birthday

Unique Space Adventure Birthday party Ideas are brought to you by our next Topic. 

This is how we make a creative outer space invitation for first birthday.

The creativity of our inspiring mommies to try out their unique birthday party ideas for their little one can’t really be stopped.

Now in this article I will teach you how to make Outer Space Invitation Layout Design for First Birthday.

Take a good look and study our sample invitation above.

Let’s break and slice up it down into different sections so we can fully understand how I did it.

Step 1 Photos of Celebrants

Let's eat this part where you can see the photos of the celebrants wearing a safety gear astronaut costumes. 

How is this done?

The answer to your question is just easy, Using the technique called "Face Swap".

In the Face Swap process, the celebrants' faces are only superimposed on the original photos wearing the costume to make it look like the celebrants are wearing a beautiful costume.

This blending process is used to match the skin color of the celebrants to the selected photos to be overlaid with the image.

There is the right way to do it and the right computer software for it and one of them is the most popular Adobe Photoshop.

You can also use this technique for little girls.

It is easier if female celebrants that you should do the face swapping process because it was appropriate and even applicable the result will be if they are your host model.

The more you practice the higher chance for you to perfect it.

Step 1 Photos of Celebrants

Choosing the right background to use for the invitation has a huge impact on your invitation layout.

This brings to life an invitation especially if the background you choose for the invitation you make is close to the birthday themes you have chosen.

Step 2 Choosing the proper Background for Selected Birthday Themes

Choosing the right background to use for the chosen birthday party themes is something that contributes greatly to the beauty of an invitation layout.

Because of this it is also easy to adjust the right color combinations that will be used to create an exceptional invitation layout.

If you notice that we used a dark image for our 1st birthday outer space invitation so we used light colors for the font and we even used outer glow and light strokes to make the font colors float like other images like the moon and stars and planet let's use neon light images to make it look beautiful.

Because it's easy for a designer to figure out the right color combination to use if he knows the right background to put on making the invitation.

This are 2 basic steps to create outer space invitation design.

Outer space Birthday Decoration

Handmade outer space planets and design for birthday You can used this ideas to include to your birthday party event.

Looking to celebrate a birthday party with an outer space theme? Here are some ideas to create a stellar atmosphere:

  1. Galactic Backdrop: Hang a large backdrop featuring stars, galaxies, and planets as the focal point of your party area. You can either purchase a ready-made backdrop or create one using black paper or fabric and spray painting it with glow-in-the-dark paint.

  2. Twinkling Lights: String up white or twinkling lights around the party area to mimic stars. You can wrap them around pillars, hang them from the ceiling, or drape them along the walls. It will create a magical and dreamy atmosphere.

  3. Planet Balloons: Fill balloons with helium and decorate them to resemble different planets in our solar system. Use various sizes, colors, and patterns to represent planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. You can also add some silver or gold balloons to represent stars.

  4. Astronaut Cutouts: Print and cut out images of astronauts or space-related characters to place around the party area. These cutouts can be used as table centerpieces, wall decorations, or even attached to the backs of chairs.

  5. Outer Space Table Decor: Create an eye-catching table setting with an outer space theme. Use a black tablecloth as the base and sprinkle silver or glitter confetti to resemble stars. Set up space-themed plates, cups, and napkins with designs inspired by planets and stars.

  6. Rocket-shaped Treats: Prepare rocket-shaped treats like sandwiches, cookies, or cupcakes. Use food coloring or decorative icing to create planet designs on top of the treats. You can also serve fruit skewers with grapes, melon balls, and pineapple chunks to resemble planets on a stick.

  7. Space Crafts: Plan some space-themed crafts to keep the kids entertained. You could have them decorate their own astronaut helmets, make paper rockets, or create galaxy-themed artwork using paints and sponges.

Remember to add some space-themed music and games to keep the party atmosphere lively and engaging. Have a blast celebrating in outer space style!

Ideal Outer space Invitation Layout for First Birthday

How to make your own Personalized Outerspace invitation layout for Birthday?

Creating your own personalized outer space invitation layout for a birthday can be a fun and creative project. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make your own customized design:

  1. Choose a Design Software or Template: Decide which design software or online platform you want to use to create your invitation. You can use graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or utilize online tools like Canva or Crello, which offer pre-designed templates you can customize.

  2. Select an Outer Space Theme: Determine the specific outer space theme you want for your invitation. Consider options such as planets, stars, astronauts, rockets, or galaxies. This will provide a consistent visual theme throughout the design.

  3. Set the Invitation Size: Determine the size of your invitation, considering standard sizes such as 5x7 inches or 4x6 inches. Adjust the canvas size or template dimensions accordingly.

  4. Choose a Background: Select an outer space background that suits your theme. Look for images featuring stars, nebulae, or cosmic scenes. Ensure the background complements the design elements and text.

  5. Add Illustrations and Graphics: Incorporate illustrations and graphics related to outer space. This could include planets, rockets, stars, aliens, or any other elements that align with the theme. Arrange them creatively on the invitation, ensuring they don't overcrowd the design.

  6. Personalize with Text: Insert the important details of the birthday event, such as the name of the birthday celebrant, the age they are turning, the date, time, and venue of the party. Choose fonts that convey the outer space theme and make the text readable and engaging.

  7. Experiment with Typography: Play with different font styles and sizes to create visual interest and capture the essence of outer space. Consider using bold and other space-inspired fonts for headings, and legible fonts for the main text.

  8. Use Cosmic Colors: Infuse cosmic colors into your invitation design. Traditional space-themed colors include deep blues, purples, dark greys, and metallic silver. Utilize these colors for text, backgrounds, and other design elements.

  9. Add Personal Touches: Consider including personal photos or illustrations of the birthday celebrant, or even a photo of them within a space-themed frame. This adds a unique touch and creates a more personalized invitation.

  10. Review and Finalize: Carefully review

Outer space Invitation for Christening and Birthday

Best color combination you must used in building your own personalized outer space invitation?

Creating a personalized outer space invitation is a fantastic way to set the tone for your space-themed party. Here are some color combinations that work well for an outer space invitation:

  1. Midnight Blue and Silver: Reflect the beauty of the night sky with a deep midnight blue background for your invitation. Use silver accents for the text, borders, or illustrations to emulate the stars and add a touch of elegance.

  2. Galactic Purple and Black: Opt for a dark purple background reminiscent of distant galaxies. Combine it with black elements such as text or illustrations to create a mysterious and captivating design.

  3. Cosmic Teal and Gold: Choose a rich teal color for the invitation background to evoke the feeling of deep space. Add elements in shining gold, such as stars or text, to replicate the brilliance of distant suns.

  4. Planetary Red and Charcoal: Capture the fiery essence of the planets by using a bold red hue for the background. Complement it with charcoal gray or black accents for the text and illustrations to create contrast and depth.

  5. Celestial Navy and White: Create a classic and clean look with a navy blue background, reminiscent of the vastness of the universe. Use white for the text and illustrations to represent stars and nebulae.

  6. Vibrant Space Rainbow: Embrace a playful and colorful approach by incorporating a rainbow of vibrant hues into your invitation. Blend shades of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red to depict planets, stars, and galaxies.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and you can always adapt and customize the color combinations to suit your personal preferences or match your party theme. Enjoy designing your personalized outer space invitation!

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