How to earn money using Digital File Download

Earn Money from Selling your Digital File Download

Earn Money from Digital File
Earn Money using Digital File Download

Did you know that you can earn money using Digital file Download!

Many people keep searching for a digital file, absolutely when we talk about free version.

But what kind of digital file should they need? 

Sell your Digital Products
Selling Digital File Online

Now here are the list of digital file that most people search for:

1. Events Layout Designs - Everyday many people celebrating occasions such as Birthday, Christening, Debutant, Graduation, Wedding and even Parents Birthday or Fiesta and Anniversary.

Create more events and occasional digital file designs that catch the attention of the viewer build your own websites and post all your designs in there in this case you can earn money from selling this digital file Download.

You may post sample photos of your work to your Pinterest because Pinterest was a perfect way to boost up your product.


2. Jersey Designs - Everybody loves sports, People do sports as a hobbies to keep their physical and mental health fit.

Most people looking for personalized and unique Jersey designs based on the sports they choose.

Create more and unique Jersey designs for different sports that sports enthusiasts will surely love, so in this way you can earn money using digital file download just by selling the editable file or soft copy of it.

Example: NBA full Sublimation Jersey Design

3. Architectural Design - Everybody also wants to have dream house of their own. 

Some of them spending and searching for blue prints and architectural designs of house.

You can sell your digital file of blue print to every people all over the world with great price.

Most of your clients can be business owner who wants to build their dream house, engineers, students, owner of real states, condominiums and contractors.

So show your talent and skills and sell your digital file of your architectural designs to everyone.

4. Software FileMany people are looking for software files.

Often the software files they are looking for are the ones they can use for their work and to their hobbies.

Some of the digital files they are looking for and the following:

Adobe Photoshop - If photo editing is what other people love Adobe Photoshop is a great Digital File that you can sell.

Of course we know that Adobe company does not allow this type of selling to produce and manufacture non-licensed software.

But many people around the world are still interested looking and buying for this type of Digital File and many people still sell it.

Corel Draw - This is a photo editing software like Photoshop but the only difference is that Corel Draw software give sharp and detailed colors to an image.

After Effects - If you love making videos with effects this is the thing for you.

This is often the use of professional video editors This is one of the things people are looking for.

The beauty of After effects is that you can buy many Effects that you can use in your video such as fire effect, snow effect, crack effect, blood effect, weapon effect, smoke effect etc.

5. Blogger Template - If you love creating professional website build different stunning blog template.

People loves to buy Digital File download especially the .xml file for their blog to make their blog looks professional and to acquire more clients.

Most people buys professional online store looks like blog template, apparels looks like template for clothing business and sportswear website.

How to sell your Digital file Download

Earn money from your digital file is easy to setup you must need to follow this tips and earn money from your file.

1. Create your personal webpage first, This serves to be your online store.

2. Create your paypal account, This serves to be the methods of your clients payment.

3. Create your dropbox or google drive, This serves to be the storage system of your file.

4. Connect your dropbox / google drive to your paypal account and get the direct link

5. Add a Buy now button or Add to Cart button to your webpage, If somebody click the button it will directly to the payment method and after the payment method is done the clients directly goes to a download page.

6. Create a thank you page

In this way you can earn money from your digital file.

How to earn money from your old file

Your old file can be your best source of income.

Most of your old file saves on your personal storage such as USB Disk ( Universal Serial Bus ), Your Desktop or Laptop internal drive.

Most of the file you save has a great value to you especially the thesis report, You can sell those file and other digital files online

Here are some Digital files you can sell

Program Files - For computer programmers, Peoples loves to developed new program ideas for different purpose.

Naval and Architectural Files - Ships, Marines, Navy Architecture file are one of the most expensive file you can sell online. Most of this files worth hundreds of dollar per file depending on the blueprint that the clients looking for.

Educational File - It is one of the most best seller file you can sell online because most people needs to study even at home especially students.

Bar Exam Files -  Every year students keep spending tons and tons of money to pass thier licensure examinations. 

If you have different Bar examinations test files that save on your computer now it's your chance to earn and help them to pass and get their license.

If you have any questions regarding on how to sell your digital file Download you can simply send us an email.

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