Earn Money with Online Games

How to earn money from Online Games?

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Earn Money with Online Games

There are lots of possible ways on How to earn Money with Online Games  But we must need to know first What is Online Games?

Online games is a type of interactive games that you can play together with other people all over the world unlike offline games that you can play all by yourself. Online games can saves to every spot and area that you like unlike offline games that can saves only to a specific spot or checkpoint.


Here are some ways on how to earn money with online games

1. Selling Account - Gaining maximum level or rank makes your account become more appealing to other players.

Many people become interested in  online games account with fullmax level or with high rank.

But, What are the reasons Why many people become interested  in buying Online Games account?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. To become more famous to your friends that loves to play that particular games. If your friends see that you have achieved max level /  high rank account they will definitely admire you and tell their friends regarding your online game status.

2. To experience to play the unlock areas that low level and lower rank couldn't enter. Some areas are lockup especially in RPG games ( Role Playing Games ).

You cannot go directly to a specified area until you reach a required level or you must done a specific quest.

A quest is depending on your ability and level if your level is to low, it was harder for you to finish it easily.

3. To play very challenging role where all player in that particular area play with the same level, ability and skills. 

Sometimes we want to do our best to defeat some of the top players especially in 1 vs 1 or we want to be with their team. 

4. To experience wearing high level suit or having high level special items that low level can't achieve because it was lock at all.

5. High chance to get high grade item definitely rear item. Most online games acquired rare item if they defeat the monster boss to that particular area. 

6. Jealous to other players because most players did their best to get that higher rank / level.

7. Lock of time to play their favourite games so they by online games account to other player and play a higher level to enjoy the game.

In this way Selling Account is a possible way to earn money with Online Games

2. Selling Rare items -  Another way to earn money with Online Games is to sell rare and valuable items.

Mostly rare items can acquire only in defeating  the powerful boss to a specified area.

Some rare items has a 0.01% chance of drop rate so it was very hard to get the rare items and most players are competing to hunt a specified monster to get the rare items.

Most rare items are tradeable and can be sell with higher price and even real money to other players.

3. Selling Gold - Almost all Online games money called gold it is a virtual money that a certain character acquired during the games by defeating the enemies or by selling the drop items by the monster during game in market.

Selling online gold is one of the best way and the easiest method to earn money from your favorite Online games, Some other games gold can be tradable and some of them are not so be sure to choose an Online games that you can sell gold to earn money from your favorite online games.

4. Selling credit points - Other games called it gems. 

 All Online games have credit points which you can load to your game and purchase special items like starter pack and other items to boost up your characters level or your desire characters enchancing like skins. 

Many people wants to buy credit points and gems for their account so be a credit points seller to your area and earn money by selling credit points to your favorite online games.

5. Selling Online Games Hacking tools - If you don't like this method maybe other players loves it.

This is one of the easiest way to earn money with Online games. 

Peoples loves to cheat for faster leveling and gain higher levels of characters, weapons and armour for their own accounts.

Most people uses and buy specific hacking tools for the first month of Hacking tools was released.

Because the developer of the game can't detected it and after maintenance your Hacking tools didn't work anymore, So many players and buyers take advantage to used Hacking tools.

In this way you can earn money with online games just by selling Hacking tools.

6. Be a Pilot or Scholars - You pay for playing their account.

Many people busy at their work, schools and has no time to play their favorite games that they love. Other people pays someone who they know to play their own account because they get punished by their parents if they caught playing during school days.

So they hire people to play their account and paid them. In this way you can earn money from playing others Online game account.

This are some possible and effective ways on How to earn money with online games.

You can apply this possible ways to this list of Online Games

List of Online Games

Ran Online
League of Legends
Mobile Legends
O2 Jam
Dota 2
Runes of Survival

For Mobile phone User
Axies Infinity

Enjoy Playing while still earning

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