Earn Money from Bike

How to earn Money from Bike?

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Patria Vintage Bike

Nowadays many people around the world are interested in different types of sports.

Often many entrepreneurs take advantage of the passion of people in the sports they enjoy to make money

Just a few examples of this are people who love bicycles 

These are just a few of the ways to earn money by bicycle

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Patria Vintage road bike good Condition

Collecting and selling ancient and old bikes

Often the ancient bicycles are really stunning things that you can make an investment apart from loving its prices are high demand in the market because of the beauty of this design and good workmanship due to durability.

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Shimano 600 crank 52 / 45

Ancient bike parts are really unmatched because all their parts are engraved unlike the ones now sold in bike shops and online now only printed, sticker and paint parts design.

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Original diacompre break

Restoration of ancient bicycles

This is not a good thing to do with ancient bicycles because the value of an item decreases when it is not restored but there are some collectors who are willing to pay big just to have an antique bike and they pay more if it is fully restored because it appears its really nice and they have almost nothing to change about it. 

Original vintage handle bar
Original vintage handle bar

Question Why are some people willing to pay big bucks just to have an antique bike?

Answer: Some of the answers they value are their memories of when they were young that the bicycle of the day was really one of the main transportation to get to a place.

Due to the hardships of the day, many of the young people of that time did not have the ability to own a bicycle.

Most of the collectors of antique bicycles are wealthy who even make displays in their homes.

Others are bike shop owners and they display in their store to attract customers. 

Sale of Head Badge

It is an art of ancient bicycles that have been lost forever in the road industry.

You will find this beautiful art on the very front of the bicycle head tube.

Vintage Bike Patria
Vintage Bike Suntour Set

Original headtube is usually casting and made of metal because of its expensive and hard work.

Legano Vintage Bike
My Pre love Vintage Bike

Some industries want to produce only sticker head badges but so far you will not find casting or sticker head badge designs on bikes.

Classic Bike
My Daughters Bike Vintage Bike

These are just paints.

So if you want to earn money look for ancient head badges and sell them online for sure many people are willing to pay big they just have the original head badge for their antique bike.

Sale of basic bicycle parts 

Greg Lemond Classic Bike

Interior, Tires, Air Supply, Patches, Pellets are some of the key parts that can be quickly sold for cyclists often in unexpected circumstances most cyclists are damaged on the road such as puncture their interior or softness and insufficiency bicycle wheel wind.

If an area is bumpy it is definitely pellets at the joints and joints are broken because it always shakes in the potholes and potholes are just some of the basic parts of a bicycle that are easily damaged.

Selling Spare Parts

Often the income is even higher if you sell parts by bicycle parts the profit is greater than buying a full bicycle For example, if a whole bicycle costs $ 100 usd you can sell the handle bar for $ 15 to $ 20 usd the seatpost costs $ 15 usd the frame costs $ 60 to $ 120 depending on the frame here you can earn their income when it comes to selling parts by parts.

How about other bike parts like break, pedal, stem, fork, crank etc.

Buy and Sell

If you have the money to invest it you can do this you will buy a bicycle from people who are in need and need money at a low cost and you will put it at least 10 to 20% interest in the sale.

If your purchase here is $ 60 usd you can release your purchase for $ 70 or $ 80 sometimes even higher value depending on the brand and condition of your purchase. 

Jersey sale

Yes! it is really nice to ride a bike especially in the morning good exercise and good health.

But it is better to ride a bicycle if you are wearing a cycling uniform that fits and fits your body, apart from being comfortable to move, the sweat on your clothes will dry out quickly, the fabric is usually dryfit and spandex is the fabric used in these types of uniforms due to stretch its characteristics.

So for entrepreneurs they are looking for a beautiful and different color of cycling uniform that attracts the clients so that it can be quickly sold in the market.

These are just some of the ways in which you can make money selling bicycles

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