How to create Chocolate Wrapped Layout Designs: Create a High Quality Label for your Chocolate Business Industries

Chocolate Wrapped Layout Design

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How to create Chocolate Wrapped Layout Designs

Today we have a new topic that will catch your attention.

This is my first attempt to make a chocolate label bar.

This is one of the designs intended to be made for my client's business to be built.

He strictly instructed that I make a chocolate wrapped designs for his chocolate business

She said that the designs I make should be attractive to me and the style I use on her chocolate wrapped should be unique.

At this point I told my cliente what things she wanted to see in her layout and she said she wanted designs with a combination of gray, black and gold colors.

My client also wants me to put a splash of chocolate and milk liquid, I should also put cashew nuts on it because these are the ingredients of his product and the layout designs should be professional because he intends to export his Product abroad.

Due to the limited size and detail he provided I first made a layout that measured his chocolate product I fitted It with a solid black background.

If you notice I used black and white horse that represents the color of dark and white chocolate.

Instead of dust I replace it with with chocolate and milk splash that represents black and white chocolate horse running in liquid portion of land.

If you also notice I used a gold effects for the brand's name for the costumers to easily notify and catch the attention of this milk chocolate product.

Adding a best before seal or expiration date will help you to get more clients because now a days many people looking for this in every food product that they buy.

Adding barcode to product can easily identify the difference between other chocolate products and to have unique identify.

Nutritional facts is very important in making your chocolate wrapped for health conscious buyer.

One of the best part in making this chocolate wrapped layout is to insert facts and trivia regarding the product that they buy so they enjoyed eating and reading at the same time.

Contacts and location is one best idea so that many investors, reseller and distributor will easily contact you.

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