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Reduce Anxiety and Stress

In times of scarcity, real or perceived, anxiety can be rife.

People fighting to:

Keep their jobs

Get a job

Be seen as valuable

Keep their customers

Save their business, their teams. Their homes. Their families

The fear of loss pushes  #stress levels through the roof.

Often manifesting in anger and frustration.

If fought hard or over a long period of time, everything can suddenly seem stressful.

With no perceived exit, anxiety creeps in.

Over time, we progress closer and closer to burnout.

Often without even knowing it.

If you are:

➡️ Feeling like your nerves are shot

➡️ Exhausted by everyone, everything

➡️ Apathetic

➡️ Unable to focus, sleep, remember, make decisions or switch off

➡️ In a constant state of fight or flight You could be burning out.

➡️ Underperforming

➡️ Unable to nurture your relationships

It’s crucial then to:

1) Get clear to yourself on what matters most to you in life

2) Believe there ARE other options. You don’t HAVE to do this.

3) Be brave; set and communicate your boundaries

4) Increase self-care

5) Learn anxiety management techniques

6) Get professional/medical help

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