Writing good quality content for your resume

How to write good quality content on your Resume for your Job Application

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Writing a good quality of Resume for Job Application

People tend to pin their hopes and dreams on their resume, but in many cases they don’t realize just how little they invest time and effort in this very simple document.

They don't know that Resumes are more complex than most people believe and as a result, people underestimate their importance of resume until they found out their self that it’s too late.

A resume is the first steps used to conduct the first screening of candidates for open jobs.

For that reason alone, they remain as relevant as ever.

Is your resume costing you job opportunities?

Your resume has the potential to help you to get a job with an annual salary.

Writing a good content for your resume can be tough and writing a resume for a career change can feel you even tougher.

But yet it doesn’t have to be.


Here are some strategies that you may used to position your resume for a career change

1. Highlight your Relevant Transferrable Skills and Traits You bring value to the table, regardless of past work titles or focus to the job.

Highlight your transferrable skills and strengths.

Demonstrate how you can adapt to your new environment and bring value to the employer.

2. Understand and Address Employer Needs Gather information/insights on the skills, strengths, and experiences employers need in your new target jobs. Emphasize these in your written resume.

3. Reduce Mention of Unrelated to Work to be Specific.

What do you think the employer wants to see on your resume?

Reduce mentions of unrelated job experience as examples so that you can fill space with more targeted points to the employer. 

4. Identify and Promote Differentiators Research the competition to understand what they offer.

You must first search to the famous online profiles Ask some "ADVICE", talk to people who are working (or have worked) in similar roles.

Identify your target employer’s problems and put yourself to the position as their problem-solver.

Employers don't need to know EVERYTHING about you

They need to know what's most important to them.

While you may have hundreds or thousands of talents/skills and stories to tell/share;

they really want to know: "How can you handle the role?"

If you're planning writing your resume on your own this coming weekend,

keep this very simple, but valuable tip in mind: With every word you write Answer the question "Why should the employer choose you over All the other, overqualified candidates? 

Use your resume to prove you’re worth hiring.

Build a good quality resume content that demonstrates the value of hiring you!

A good Quality Resume Contents and Section

Employees needs to know what employers looking in your Resume.

If you hit the section where the employers looking for it may increase your chance to get HIRED!.

Just like buying a shoes into department stores and the buyer directly goes to sports and athlete apparel easy as that.

Here are the randomly ordered list of a good quality resume content should posses.

➡️ Skills - Give importance to your skills and talent.

Write a resume that appropriate for your skills and talent give them importance  rather than your educational degree.

Many employers looking for a hard working employee and your skills and talent should matches to your desire job.

If you like to make Arts via Oil Pastel and Canvas. You can apply them as a sales personnel for the store or a teacher for Arts or Layout Artist or Advertising Company.


Because you can make sales, you can generate income to make profit for both of you and your company. 

You can advice and suggest your client to the best knowledge and experience as an artist.

You can advice them what is the best materials that they can used, materials for professional artist and materials for starter with low cost.

In this way employers needs a candidate with many skills and talent it will increase your chance to get the job if your talent, skills and educational backgrounds fits to the company's need.

➡️ Objective - Determine your job search objective prior to writing the resume.

Once you have determined your objective, you can structure and build the good quality content of your resume around that objective.

Think of your objectives as the bull’s-eye to focus your resume on hitting the attention of your readers (employers).

If you write your resume without having a clear objective in the mind, it will likely come across as unfocused to those that read it.

Take the time to think before you start writing your resume to form a clear objective time will help you to think clearly.

➡️ Educational Background - Many High level company looking for candidate that was graduated from top and exclusive schools they believed that this employees are well mannered, organized and honest to job because those candidate grew and developed from good schools.

An extra point if the candidates graduated abroad because some employers believed that knowledge came from others country may applied to their business.

Employers also looking for institution name, city or town, state that the employee graduate. Sometimes they want a close connection, advice and tactics to that particular area for establishing new business or for asking something what particular needs that those area don't have.

➡️ Heading - It is in the top part of your resume it was composed of your name, contact, address photos and other information.

Be sure that it was correctly spelled and all the information was correctly written.

Make it readable and used simple font as possible

Also take note to add underline borders served as separation to your personal information to the body of your resume.

➡️ Reference - Some companies read this important section for further job candidate background investigation.

They do it to clearly check your personal identity if your resume and the person who was stated to your references should matches just by asking some few question.

They also do background checking if more than one candidate are qualified for the position.

They want employee whose honest.

➡️ Experience - employers always looking for job experience in the resume.


Because they need a candidate with less supervised.

Reality: It's to irritating if you hired a Marketing Strategies who doesn't know how to open up computer, doesn't even know how to make reports, make sale record, organized its workplace and his subordinates and every 10 mins asking you something what to do.

So you must write a resume that was based with your job experience, obligation, duties and responsibilities.

Lastly look for someone else especially expert ask them to review your resume.

Since you are so close to your situation, it can be difficult for you to hit all your high points and clearly convey all your accomplishments.

Have someone review your job search objective, your resume, and listings of positions that interest you. 

Encourage them to ask some questions.

Those questions can help you to discover items you inadvertently left off your resume.

Revise / Re write your resume to include these items. 

That questions can also point to items on your resume that are confusing to the reader (employer). 

Clarify that your resume based on this input.

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