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Work From Home: This is not a complaint
Work From Home: This is not a complaint

Perhaps many of us today have lost their jobs due to a pandemic caused by a virus we call the Corona Virus (COVID19).

It is difficult for us today to survive the day-to-day expenses, a necessity that we care deeply about on a daily basis such as food, household and family expenses.

So many people are now relying on help coming from various government sectors, LGUs (Local Government Units) and Private Organizations.

From this point on many of us also experience depression due to worries.

Sometimes most of us also think of the times when we are rich and easy in life, that if we just accumulate and take care of life we ​​will not have much difficulty and we will have something to pull out of our pockets.

Nowadays it is not too late to start again if we just expand our minds there are so many opportunities that are now scattered on the internet.

This is called Work from Home.

What is the meaning of Work from Home?

For me Work from home has two types of definition

1. Work from Home is a type of work done in a home, Often the employer provides the equipment and materials that people need and sometimes they even add additional payment to their employees for fees such as of internet and electricity bills.

Some companies make such Strategies to quickly get the job done at the right time.

This type of work has Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantage and Disadvantage of working from Home

Did you notice that working from home makes you work more hours.

It's not just 8-5 / 9-6 sometimes you work longer. 

The other types of work from home is

2. That you provide all the materials that you need especially when you do online selling. You decide also how much time do you need to spend everyday.

Are you tired now?

Fewer breaks also, as before you can go out, buy potato corner or milk tea or share with friends.

I don't know how others are able to do it but it's really important to take breaks.

There is still tomorrow, I know a lot of work and that's not worth it Lunch time is 12noon.

Eat (including breakfast and dinner) 

Someone says you have no fugitive.

You may not be able to hide but now you have a series of meetings online and you cannot hide in a room if you want to avoid your boss / clients / customers first.

Sometimes if you haven't slept, you'll wowork.

Sometimes earlier than your usual shift and you extend more work.

Companies should check on their employees because they may be overworked and tired.

Mental Health

Hello Employee relations / engagement teams.

To the bosses, please appreciate your people / direct reports.

It's a good job.

Give credit where credit is due.

That's why it's really important to set clear boundaries when you work from home because it's harder to 'shutdown' and you can end up working extended hours which will eventually weigh on you.

So it's not enough for companies to provide the right technology and tools to enable their employees to work from home.

It's equally, if not more important, to ensure that they look after the welfare of their employees keeping in mind that these people are in the transition process and are still getting a hang of things.

In our company which is fully remote, we do daily morning calls to check in not just the to-do list of everybody but how everybody is feeling, if they're stuck on anything.

2. Self Funding work from Home. 

This is one of the types of work from home where you yourself will find a way to make money in your home.

Some of the methods you can do are as follows:

➡️ Blogging
➡️ Online Selling
➡️ Video Influencer
➡️ Link Dropper / Link Builder
➡️ Capcha
➡️ Upwork
➡️ Linkvertise

One of the most effective ways to earn money on the internet with your gadget is Online Selling.

Fast, Effective and I recommend you Online Selling because I understand what you want so you can read this blog Article.

You are looking for a quick way to make money so if you want to learn it just click this link to go to the direct page of the blog which teaches how to make money on the internet using Online Selling.

Do not read this blog because I will teach you something else here so that you have alternative ways on how to earn and work in your home.

What I will teach you is called Link Dropper / Link Builder If you want to make money through this method, just continue reading this blog Article and if you do not want to, thank you very much for the time and time you paid attention to this blog by reading.

Ok let's go back to our estimated way of making money through Link Dropper / Link Builder.

You can make money in your home using only this method if you can do it right.

How to Earn money using Link Dropper or Link Builder

First of all I will explain the difference between these two so that you can better understand and if this method applies to you.

Link Dropper - All you have to do here is post links that your readers should click on in this way they gives you a percentage of earning for the people you reffer. 

 Free Shoppee Referral Code

Free Shoppee Referral Code

Link Dropper is also called Referral Link which will give you a percentage of each click of your readers and you will earn more if you register your reader.

Some examples of this are as follows

Google Adsence
Online Games

and many more

Through Link Dropper everyone is given the opportunity to earn from $ 1 to $ 10 per person that they can join.

With the Dropper link you can get the embedded link for the one connected to your account so that I can send it to your various friends and connections, you can also post it in the comment sections, reviews and forums. 

Link builder is a way to keep your readers and visitors from losing your website.

There are many various companies that pay a lot just for this job.

How is Link Builder done?


A company and seller of Canvas and Oil Pastel Color

Now they post a picture of their product in their online store they will use very interesting and catchy title for this a straight to the point description and #signs for important keywords.

But instead of #signs they will exchange HTML codes that when readers click on it they will go directly to their online store to view their product.

Maybe you will often find blue words in Articles, Websites, Videos and Blogs like this. 

Now when someone clicks on it, the user will be redirected directly to another webpage, This is called Link Builder.

Many companies today are looking for someone who is capable of this.

These are just a few examples of Work from Home.

If you have any questions you can message me in our official email which you can find on our contact page or leave a comment at the bottom of this post and we will solve your problems.

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