Then YOU must need to know this first:

1. Why did you apply for the position?

Whatever different reason we have, You must know your “Why” and be ready to enunciate it.

2. Why do you want to work for the company?

Don’t tell them "Who" and "What" the companies they really are; they already know that.

Job Tips: Phone Interview

 Tell them what they appealing to "YOU" to work with them.

3. Understand the role/position you applied?

This is your interpretation of the job description also know your "Responsibilities".

Sometimes many old employees or employees that was hired before you ask you to do some task that was not written  in your job description meaning "You work for some extra task that the company / management didn't know". Focus to the role you applied first and do extra task if you have a lot of spare time.

Job Tips: Unique Profile

4. How will you add value to the company?

Talk about your strengths / unique strategies and what makes "YOU" to be the best candidate among any other applicants.

5. You must know your own resume inside out.

You may be asked to talk them through it.

Many applicant copy and paste the content of their resume though online their reasons for better results.

Appealing content makes interviewers wants to know you more as soon as possible and talk about your skills, role, description that you stated.

So be sure to know your resume inside and out so that your interviewer won't waste time to take interviews to you.

GUTS: Stepping stone to success 

6. Know about the salary did you must get, benefits, bonus and commissions.

Don't expect to much high or to low try to find out what's fair market value is, or ask your recruiter for starter salary.

7. Know what your start date can be and your current employment notice period.

8. Know how to answer behavioural questions using the technique called C.A.R.L. (Context, Action, Result, Learning)

9. Know something about the workplace culture.

It is mush easier to work if you have any ideas about your workplace, The responsibility/obligation from your company equipment that they provide.


10. Know the background of your interviewer(s).

If possible review the interviewers background their current (Online Account) to talk with common interest after interview so that you can have more confidence when you work with them. "Don't ask to much personally".

11. Know which questions YOU want answers to.

Most important stay calm, know to yourself that if you are prepared and are simply yourself,

You have just as much chance as anybody else!

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