Ads.Google : Stress and Disappointment you'll get

I have account ID named 839-032-9256 the one that I delete
and  694-531-9597  in a single email.

Ads.Google Email response 

The account  839-032-9256  is setup to payment $1 per day because that's all I can afford because here in the Philippines its equivalent to estimated  to50 Php  (Philippine Currency),

Take note: Here in the Philippines  a simple contractual worker can earn only $4 to $8 per day standard earning.

My intention  of creating is to know my blog and to be at the top of the page but within my range so I can afford and to be competitive to other blogger.

So at this point I set up the account 839-032-9256  to the range that I can afford  to pay per day, but within 1 hour my google threshold  reach to $3.99 so I decided to delete the account  839-032-9256 for the reasons that if I continued this product it will cost me a $1000 or more within one day which is equivalent  to Php 50,000 estimate per day. That was to much for me to pay.

And after I delete my first account after a couple of minutes i received  an email message came from ads.Google that I must pay the bill with a cost of $3.99 at the end of the month that's  to much to me and I didn't planned to waste income because in blogging earning money by posting automatically ads on your blog and if visitors clicking those  ads that you put into your article then you'll earn just a few amount  $0.01 and its is to hard.

The earning in google AdSense depends on your article and topic.

How can i cancelled
839-032-9256 ? that was link to my bank because it was automatically pay in a setup And i don't  want to pay the price that was to much for me because it was not my desire amount.

( Please cancelled  this 839-032-9256 )
and unlink to my bank account because I feel so stress and disappointed with this ads.Google

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