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Importance of Voucher and Gift Cards

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Voucher Card or Gift Card

This next blog is for all of the department of DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development), the DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) and LANDBANK: Please consider the offer of this ICT company.

They create and developed a great software program due to Mr. Ike Seneres request.

Mr. Seneres mobilizing ICT companies so that they could offer their help in the fight against Covid 19.

Please note that the food vouchers can be in electronic form using QR codes.

Mr. Seneres state that he wants to volunteer as Systems Integrator, at no cost to you.

This process is very simple and you can followed it easily as 1-2-3 EASY STEPS

1 DSWD issues food vouchers to beneficiary.

2 Beneficiary uses food vouchers, in whole or in part, to buy food from an eligible store; beneficiary my use unspent vouchers for future purchases.

3 Store submits food vouchers to LandBank which credits the store’s account.


1 BaryaCard provides DSWD the technology to digitize food vouchers with proper controls.

2 BaryaCard facilitates and shows in real time all transactions and full accounting: claimed, unclaimed, spent and unspent vouchers; where and how much spent; and LandBank payments -- preventing CASH LEAKAGES.

3 Microsoft’s Azure provides Cloud security meeting the strictest international standards.

This ideas was so awesome and that can be apply in our own country and in other country.

If the government supports this idea which means it can prevent the following.

Cash Leakage happens when someone have an interest on it.

So in this system all the benefits received by the people can be monitored easily.

Preventing people to buy unwanted stuff likes cigarettes and liquor and use the money wisely.

Most of the Beneficiary waste their money that government gives to them they buy unwanted stuffs and most of them waste through online gambling.

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