The Power of Routine in Uncertain Times

Deal with Uncertainty in your Life

Many of us have experienced recently the impact of uncertainty on our sence of power and control.

Not knowing what's coming and how we will cope, can leave us feeling like we're walking on the quicksand.

We feel unsafe and unconfortable.

And give us Torture to our mind.

When this happens, creating a psychological safety plan is key:

Helping the mind to believe.

It has some control and feel grounded.

A very simple way we can do this is by creating a simple routine and structure in our day.

Routine gives us the sense of certainty because we can "predict" what was coming or giving us an idea what are the possible outcome.

It give us also a sence of control and power because we're the ones choosing what to do in that particular situation.

We must remember this things, we can only plan so much "Life" gets in the way.

You migth be on a Zoom call with the client when your 5-year old son walks in wearing nothing but his tighty-whitie and proceeds to give a lively presentation on the whiteboard behind you.

Giving ourselves permission to laugh in this moments, and be flexible in adapting to life's curveballs will be key.

How do i ground myself ?

6:00 Am - Wake up. Watch the sunrise on the balcony with a cup of coffee.

6:30 Am - Meditate the mind and body / Self-Connect

7:00 Am - Planning

Simple routine BIG impact.

Now its your turn How do you ground yourself in uncertain times?

Leave a comment below we would like to hear from you.


There are many things in "LIFE" happen to us which we have no control over, leaving us to feel powerless.

Our own "THOUGHTS" can help us to regain our power.

Having your own "ROUTINE" creates psychological safety and gives us a sense of control that may used to protect ourselves.

But the "POWER" we need isn't only about mental health and mindset.

It's all about "WELLBEING" AS A WHOLE.

1. Mental health - how we process the information.

2.Emotional health - how we express feelings based on information that our mind processed.

3.Physical health -

4.Spiritual health - our sense of connection/purpose in life

5.Chemical health - what we put into our bodies When these are optimal and balanced, we feel powerful.

Absolutely we are strong, centred and calm enough to handle whatever situation of life throws our path/way.

So how we optimise our health in each of these areas?


1.Focus on sleep
2. Introspect, reflect and journal
3. Meditate/pray
4. Eat nutritiously
5. Breathwork
6. Exercise
7. Limit social media/technology usage
8. Build a support system (coach, therapist, friends, etc.)

What do you do to feel powerful?

Ready to take your life and/or career to the next level?

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