Breadcrumbs issues detected on my Blogger Blog

How to fixed Breadcrumb Issue : Ultimate Guide

Today i got a new mail from Google Search console
stating Breadcrumbs issue detected on my blog

Warnings are suggestions for improvement.

Some warnings can affect your appearance on Search; some might be reclassified as errors in the future.

The following warnings were found on your site: schema deprecated
We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search 

But before we start read this article from start to finish to fix this issue and I guarantee you this the best and effective ways on how to deal with this breadcrumb issue.

Well actually i don't know any idea in this how to fix it.

So i tried and watch different video tutorial on how to fixed this breadcrumbs issue.

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Affected Blog

I already do i to change some content on that particular page and erased the label and add two main relevant label to that particular post.

My blog is all about designs and the affected link was found in my ideal wedding photo booth template

You will see that on the Tittle i used a red line and maintain my topic the Wedding and the Photo booth.

You will also see the Black oval circle that i was removed and choose to have those two as my label because some article said that it was a breadcrumb the label part you your blog.

and on the main Photo i choose to have a tittle of Sample Photo Booth Design for Wedding Events to help my Tittle, my Label, and my Rankings get high for their specific content.

After that here i go to search console and i click validate. not knowing what will happened next

3 mins later i check my email and receiving this kind of message.

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We're validating your Breadcrumbs issue fixes for site

Well i hope i do well for today to help you guy's and i hope this blog will help you to fix Breadcrumbs issue and schema deprecated

If this step not work on you try this very simple tips and tricks to help you fix  Breadcrumbs issue and  data- schema deprecated

Step #1 go to your blogger account

Step #2 Click themes and edit HTML code 

Step #3 Press ctrl+F on your keyboard to find 

Step #4 Replace it with

Step #5 Click save

Step #6 Done

Step #7 Test live preview

Step #8 Please comment down below if if this works that's all I want for you for participation

Have a nice to everyone and keep safe.


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  3. Yes it works, thank you so much:)

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