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Volleyball Jersey Pattern : Team Perlas Design

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Perlas Volleyball Jersey Design

Hello there dear followers and readers welcome to this blog once again here i would like to share to you this one of amazing volleyball jersey design for team Perlas.

Look carefully at their uniform, you may think it's a very simple to create this volley uniform, if you notice that the side of their uniform has a white arrow that looks white it's also one of the aspects you should look at how to do it and at its sole end there is a light gray to black color.

You will notice that there is a spotted design at the top part of the layout but as lost when it comes to the bottom of the dress
You will also see a lot of thin curved lines in the front of the dress and the back.

today we will make almost replicas of this style of clothing for the volleyball team that our friend requested for this summer volleyball league to their area.

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Volleyball Jersey Design

now notice the difference and likeness of the two uniforms in the first example they use white color for the team name and the number they do in the back part of the dress while the example we have here is colored gold with a white outline you'll see . You'll also find a white spotted design in the original jersey so we also have this style in our layout honeycomb.

In the original jersey you will see white logos on the left and right side of the original jersey but in our layout we put the youth logo logo and the logo of their place where they live it will help learners know where to go which place they play against.

you i hope you may have learned a lot from our topic today and hopefully get back and forth and encourage all your friends, acquaintances, relatives to visit and share the most popular blog sites layouts around the world and please guys discuss this blog so we have lots of people helping up to the next post.

I hope you will see again and hopefully and always keep track of this blog, thanks to all the supporters and there are so many salutations one of you have a nice day guys and more power

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