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Coffee Menu Layout for Business

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In today's topic here i want to share to you a very high end coffee menu for a first class coffee shop business.

The client inquires to have an A4 size for a syntra board sticker as a menu for their coffee business.

In this template they want a design that was very high end, neat and creative in look so they choose a white and brown color combinations for their menu sample business.

First they ask me how much worth is for them to have a template with A4 size with 210 millimeter in width by 297 millimeter in height as a fee for my work then i said that it only cost a $3 to $4 dollars per layout depending how many templates and how sharp and unique those design that they want, and they ask me what is worth to a printing shop if they have those templates and all they want is an syntra board sticker menu board and i said to them that it was only cost for about $4 usd each if it is higher than $6 or $7 usd that price is unreasonable and the last questions they ask is how much it worth if the other printing shop design it and printing it to the A4 syntra board and i said to them it cost for around $20 usd to $30 usd which is unreasonable so if you have a template on your own you can save a lot of more.

So they agreed on the first conditions that they pay me $3 to $4 dollars in your currency but here we used to have Philippine peso which is about 150Php to 200php depending on the quantity that the layout should they want to have and depending on a High end details that they want.

Take a look at this sample A4 menu sample design for coffee business, you will see that in this design it was a very high end, formal and elegant in look for their clients. you will notice that i used a color white to be their color themes because the clients wants to have a very nice and neat menu board for their coffee business.

Drinking coffee give a lot of more on healthy benefits so they want to take advantages to those healthy benefits and they want it to include those informative information to their coffee menu board.
This menu board that i make was a back to back in design the design that i show to you was only a front page of their A4 coffee menu syntra board while on the back of this board was their product, specialty and their price list.

So to protect my clients recipe, ingredients and pricing i want it to be more confidential but only i show you is the main page of a back to back coffee menu to give you more ideas to your coffee business.
Every day coffee is one of the daily human needs. It is usually drunk in the morning to warm the stomach, sometimes it is prepared when we have unexpected guests but now different types of coffee are coming out in the market, one of which is SLIMMING COFFEE

Benefits of drinking slimming Coffee EVERYDAY

Coffee Menu List Design

NO LBM so it's safe to drink even if you're at work so you won't have a problem even if you're traveling or working. NO headache when drinking NO heart palpitations kse sobrang baba lng ng caffeine content. Recommended for those with DIABETES: Best drink with high blood pressure and high n Cholesterol Perfect for coffee lovers who want to lose weight It's so cheap to enter the budget SEE RESULTS IN WEIGHT LOSS IN 7 DAYS GUARANTEED! at very affordable price!


Drink it at least 30mins. before breakfast followed by 2 glasses of water after coffee, if you don't eat in the morning it's ok to just Slimming Coffee. 2x-3x can drink coffee (breakfast/lunch/dinner). There is no overdose because it is all natural and organic. FUSION Coffee helps control your appetite (Appetite Suppressant) Sweating even when you're in the aircon (most of the customer feedback) so Barley Coffee is also suitable for people who love gym or zumba, it's even more sweaty! It is also good for bowel movement so it is recommended for constipated people to have regular bowel movements in the morning. This is due to its Psyllium husk fiber ingredient. Slimming Coffee is not like the tea you always have with C.R. so no hassle even if you are in the office or you are always outside. This coffee can help people who want to be even sexier, those who just want to maintain their weight, and people who gain weight after they give birth. It also doesn't make it palpitate because its ingredients are ALL NATURAL so it is safe. with slimming Coffee is beautiful and rejuvenates the skin Stay sexy and fit!
  1. Look younger
  2. Whitening Blooming
  3. Beauty effect Increases metabolism
  4. Speed-up weight loss Helps in stimulating smooth digestion
  5. Lowers risk of cancer Enhance cell function

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So guys i know that you learn something new from our blog templates and design and i hope you will be back for more of creative and inspiring templates and design that randomly released this following days, take a cup of coffee enjoy life to the fullest have a nice day to everyone and god bless to every each of you.

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