Zumba Dance Ticket Design Templates.

Zumba ticket sample Design

Zumba is a kind of dance routine exercise and it is one best way to keep our physical and mental health fit. 

Through Zumba all body parts are working.

Zumba Routine: Average persons requires 1/2 hour routine per day.

In today's topic here i would like to share my sample Zumba ticket design for birthday.

Different people has different ability and skills we all must need it to enhanced it in order to improved.

Zumba Ticket for Birthday

Facts about Zumba

Zumba is an exercise fitness program created in Columbia it involve dance and aerobics with energetic music.

Approximately over 15 million people undergo to zumba session in over 200,000 location across 180 countries.

It was founded by Perez in Cali Columbia in the year 2001 partnered with Alberto Pearlman and Alberto Aghion  and the trio released a series of fitness videos that sold via infomercial.

How to create Zumba raffles Ticket

In this sample zumba ticket that i created, the celebrants wants a stab like ticket design with purple color themes as her main color.

So i decided to look and create like an intergalactic design that me and my client both agreed.

The objective of this ticket was separated in two different parts where the purchaser of the ticket has its own copy for the entrance and the other half was to be his or her identity to be include in the raffle entry. 

The celebrants also wants to have a raffle ticket that her photos was attached on it to be the main sponsor of the events.

In this Zumba ticket design here I also include different lightning effects in this design to make it more  attractive and add some bluish smoky effects to add more creative design in this ticket sample that I'm working on.

You will also see that here we include to this layout the time and date of the event, the place where the event was held and the price cost for people who'd like to attend the Zumba birthday party event.

Guest and visitors will surely enjoy to attend this Zumba Fitness events because lots of surprising awards and gifts where distributed during an event.

So i hope you guys like this Zumba raffle ticket that I've created an I hope you'll be back for more of creative and unique design and template that randomly released this following days. 

Please send us an e-mail that you've seen in our contact page it you have  questions and suggestions, have a nice day to everyone keep safe and god bless to every each of you.

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