Retro Style Photo Booth Layout for Company Year End Celebration

Retro Photo Booth Layout Design

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In today's topic here is a seasonal design that perfectly fits to your need when it comes to party events and occasion.

The client came from our official email send a request to have a photobooth template for their company year end celebration for personalized photo souvenir.

In this photo booth layout here the clients wants to have a Retro Style Photo Booth layout to be give away for the employee and their guest.

In this sample design here i used to have a retro and classic style served as a background for the events. 

The clients also wants to have a company logo to their photo souvenir which is placed in the middle left part of the template.

A  colorful and creative design that was perfectly match to their style and fashion regarding to the themes that they selected.

In this sample design here i created a very standard Photobooth layout Photo Souvenir with a size of 6 inches in width by 4 inches in Height suitable for a very special events with 300 resolution and a color mode of RGB.

You will also see that i include the date in what exact date the events will be started.

Always remember guy's in creating your photo booth template even in company, school, birthday or any occasion.

Just respect the client really wants to have, followed all given directions what they said and always said to yourself  "The client is always right" and they always come back to you. 

Classified very well if Product was Authentic

People was so despaired and conscious when it comes to fashion since

They are willing to pay high amounts even though they brought the imitation once that they did not know.

They think to their self that those items that they buy are good and nice quality but unfortunately those are fake once.

A good quality of product must have

Labels - We all know that looking for a label can fooled us.

Most of this products don't meet the expectation that we want by just looking at labels.

Because we lock of time mostly in to the department stores, We don't have a lot of time to clarify if the product that we buy was Authentic.

Warranty - Look for warranty papers of the product that was included look for date of fabrication date, location where the product is manufactured. Look for contact details and other important details. If the product should match to the details of the company's location that you know we could say that those items where Authentic.

Codes - Most of Authentic products have Bar codes and QR Codes if you scan those codes via phone it directly you to their official websites and that product you buy will shown.

In this way you can classify if the product that you buy was real authentic.

Fashionista people a bad traits

This are fashion sence of most people called Fashionista.

But Unfortunately this personality Habits makes a huge image for good and bad feedback to yourself.

It you see Fashionista people we could say that this people is in the upper class of the society, maybe a political, high influence people, owner of a business etc.

To easy to target by thief and to close to people who wants to holdup them.

Some people drop down their lives by just competing others, this people are to humble and they like to show to others their worth but unfortunately this is a good signs of their poverty

Depression, Anxiety and even Cause of Death due to competency and for being humble.

Retro Means Fashion

If your to sentimental you could choose to have a classic and retro style of fashion sence.

Being classic means you valued things in the past it is one great one thing you can be fashionista in different ways.

Most people choose to have modern and upgraded home, with modern digital and electronic in their home.

But some people choose to have a classic, retro european gothic style house it is a nice and comfortable way of living

Do you think that those two houses I said was applicable to everyone?

Which two should you choose?

If two houses where place in the middle of the forest or in the top of the mountain?

Do you want to buy expensive clothes to be with you in your job if your job was to collect trash or a cleaner or a plumber?

What I mean to said choosing any of this two should meet the condition depending on your location and your job as well same thing as your fashion sense.

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