Sample Photo Booth Template for First Birthday The Winx

Winx Club Photo booth Layout for First Birthday

The Winx Photobooth Layout Design
Winx Photo booth Template design for 1st Birthday 

This is a Winx Photo booth Layout template. It is a great choice for those who want to build a photo booth booth quickly and easily.

This photo booth template has been created for the Winx photo booth machines. The layout is editable, so you can easily change the picture size, the background and the text.

Since photo booth is very popular all over the world in terms of party events and occasions.

Many people were become interesting they all went and go to one stop party shop to rent those booth for their very special events.

People searching layout and looking for the best themes that applicable to their taste.

For them they want to have a best photo souvenir design for their guest and visitors.

In today's topic here is sample photo booth templates for first birthday with winx themes in design.

Winx is an animated television series with a collection of fairy.

Fairy is a magical creatures that was so very popular, in different country fairy is a mini human form that has different color in wings and their has abilities to fly and some of them can cast different spells and magic.

In today's topic here we discussed on how to build a sample photo booth template for christening with Winx design.

In this template i used a two good quality of image of the celebrants that the parents of celebrant's provided.

Since that i used a blue plane cartoon field as a background for this template it was applicable to have a light blue for the colors of the frame, and at the edges of the frame a good quality of decorative yellow floral design that i include to have a dramatic effect design at the edges of the design.

You will also see that on the top part of the layout here i put the logo of the winx animated television series to be more detailed to this template and i also include some winx clips art character which is fairies to this design.

This first birthday photo souvenir photo booth design was made with a very simple and standard settings which is 6 inches in width by 4 inches in height a very nice and suitable design for their requested themes.

The output of this template was to good because to was perfectly fitted to 300 resolution and a color mode of RGB.

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More Photo booth Layout for First Birthday 

So guys please share this amazing temples to everyone to help them in problems of designing for their very special day.

I hope you like this Winx template photo booth design and i hope you'll come back for more of inspiring design and layouts that randomly released this very next day.

Have a nice day everyone keep safe and god bless.

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